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I have wondered about that. So that's definitely what i've seen. I was watching one the other day with jason manfredini. They do quite a lot of comedians in the show usually the the the detective is often been a comedian. Yeah so Yeah so that would be just really fancy going and say. I don't really want to do the filming. I fancy sick every watchers. I'd love to be sitting in that local bars by the drinks. So you just want to go to a quarter loop. Yeah i'm being paid. yes okay. That is a big difference. Yeah a try and work out if i'm the merger that they let you know before we don't want to expose. You weren't the murderer in europe. So i know it's i think it's been a year since that's gone out now. I wasn't a murderer but they made me look very suspicious thing. It's a dangerous island to go. There's always a murder. And i don't know why the murders always so inventive in their murders..

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