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What's your take? That's been a lot of the conversation. I think from a, if you strictly look at football, I just Wilson there, Elijah is more eligible wars there, bam knight came along, hopefully Bruce hall was able to get help in your life. Yo, I can see a lot and doing a lot with this often for the weapons they have and Robert saw our control in the defense and everything that they did, how successful they were. But I think outside of that, I mean, Brett Favre left rebate. He went to the New York Jets, like now is Aaron Rodgers going to leave Green Bay, go to the New York Jets. I think from a media standpoint, I don't know. Maybe Rogers would enjoy that. We've seen him. I mean, he does a weekly show with pat Macbeth. He doesn't have to do a weekly show. Maybe he would love to have the eyes and the ears of some of New York's sports media's best of the best. Every single day, listening to every single word he's given whether it's about the game plan is upcoming week or philosophy on life as he's sitting there just talking to everybody and maybe he'd go home and go on Twitter or go on different websites and just read at all the stuff that everybody's talking about just because he might have said 5 words about a certain topic. I don't know, it would be to your point for the sake of doing it so every day as if we don't talk enough Rogers. I would thoroughly enjoy him being in our backyard being right there with the New York Jets. But yeah, I mean, I would love it because the first time something bad happens and he blames the media. The media is going to eat him up and this is in Green Bay where the Washington gazette and that's it. Attention bet MGM customers have a friend who loves sports as much as you do. Here's the chance for both of you to earn a $50 bonus when you sign up through bet MGM's refer a friend program. 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Give me and my listeners a little, some thoughts on what you think mahomes will go through, will he be a 100% with the high ankle sprain as a quarterback, how much it will affect them. I mean, to me, that's the number one story as we head into Sunday is mahomes ankle and how much he's affected by that. Tell me as a player what we should expect and what do you think about that? Yeah, I can't imagine him being 100% a high ankle sprain. You typically see as a mock entry at least four weeks guys are out with that injury and we saw how hard it was for him. Mahomes is a tough dude. He gets hurt and right away. He's like, I'm good. I'm good. And then we're watching him jump on one leg to hand the ball on. So I do think it's going to have a huge impact. I mean, even when he came back in the second half against Jacksonville, he didn't make a throw outside the pocket in a second half. I do think the thing with my whole team is just that good. That he can sit in the pocket and still be able to beat you. I'm fascinated by this game. I went back and watched a film of the Bengals game against the Buffalo Bills. I went back and the Bengals gave versus patent homes earlier this year because with the bangles and Lou Adam room older defensive coordinate what they've been able to do and stop somebody's high powered off into some of the best quarterbacks in the league as fascinating to me. And then you couple it with what you just said, mahomes is injury is how do they attack that, watching that first game, they blitzed stump, but a lot of it was playing coverage and when they did blitz mahomes was getting the ball out quick or fading back and being able to throw the deep shot. Now with the ankle, do they get a feel for them early on in the game? And they say, you know what? He's not mobile. Less than a house Adam and get up and see if he can hold the ball long enough or fade back on that angle and be able to make some of the throws that he can make. So this one is going to be a lot of fun to me there's no way he's 100% out on a vision and being able to have a full week of practice this week, which I don't think he needs. If he can get out there a little bit on Friday, I think that would even be enough that if I'm a Kansas City chief band, I'm totally comfortable. He's Patrick Mahomes he's proven year after year since he's been in there what he can do. Yeah. And sticking with chiefs Bengals. If you were if you were on the Bengals right now, would you tell Eli Apple to cut back on the trash talking or you got to let him be who he is? I love Eli Apple. You associated Peter and Shrek or he said that this morning. I mean, you have pat Beverly and the NBA who's kind of that antagonist that gets under the skin of people who's going to do all the trash talking. And they don't have to be the best player on the court on the field and be liable is not claiming to be the best corner in the NFL. But the one thing we can say about Eli Apple is he's been able to somewhat back up his trash talk that he's given. He was in the Super Bowl last year. He went against mahomes and Tyree hill. Torched by Cooper Cup, by the way. But the guys he was talking about trash to get enough do you watch them this past week? And against buffalo, Eli had a good game in that game. As a secondary and as a unit, they played really well against Josh Allen Buffalo Bills. And I think Eli, he adds something to it. Those guys on the team, you can talk to them. I know they're DB culture. I was wondering Miami. He was just like, yeah, Eli is a crazy dude. We love having them. And I think that's the perception. It's even last year as he was talking trash, whether it was Jesse Faye's mother was bomb bell, it's just like, no, Eli talks that he knows we have his back. So those guys may not be saying it, but they kind of expect that from Eli puffing a cigar and the locker room after winning the division around knowing that they're heading was calling their burrows head stadium after the game. The problem he has is that, I mean, from what I've seen on Twitter the last two days, you don't see players going after other current players going after current players that much. And car and players are going after him. And what they're going after him about is like, you know, you're doing all the strange talking, you're not that good. Travis, Kelsey, or mahomes he's trash talking. It's one thing. Eli Apple, people are like, you mentioned the pat Beverly. I mean, that was such a great tweet by sus Garner. But that's what makes it that's what makes it so much fun that it's coming from. That's true. That's true.

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