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Unfortunately, one of his hires really blew up in his face this this off season. But he made this decision that needed decision in order to. Potentially salvage this season to get rid of two tarot Austin in the middle of the year. These are things he's passed. You mentioned it last week. He's getting rid of Kensington peasy last year getting rid of terra Lawson issue is these are things that did not happen for a very very long time with the Cincinnati Bengals in terms of getting rid of incompetent coaches in the middle of season. Many will argue that Marvin Lewis may fall into that same category at this point. But those are couple of things that I am thankful for with the Cincinnati bangles as we head to the thanksgiving Holiday Inn despite the one in four recent skid, they are still alive the originally for the playoffs. It's gonna take them winning some games probably games that we expect them to win. But that's that's another story for another time. Jeff Jeff Andy says I'm thankful for being old enough to remember to remember seeing the Bengals in two Super Bowls. Andrew Siler says thankful for Chris tones worth partnership with Camargo Cadillac and thankful that Andy Dalton is still healthy. Some would knock on God. You didn't see fan since he fan juggle city. I'm thankful that I at least have seen a Super Bowl bangles fan. We didn't win but damn close to it. True. John tally with with the mic drop here. John Kelly, I'm thankful for OB. I but Wednesday evenings wouldn't be as joy -able air. It is that was that was the one correct inside a mall. That's the best answer. I can't I can't. I can't go beyond that one. I don't think we can fight that right now, we can't find facts. Yep. Yep. Well, thank you, John and everybody else for for tuning in joined the show, we fun doing it. So we're we're just glad that you guys joy in tune in. We hope that you have a happy thanksgiving, whatever you may be doing, you know, friends family, even even those who who work whatever just enjoy yourself be safe all that good stuff. But there are things even though there are people who think the sky is falling on this insanity. Bangles are things to be thankful for. And there is still a third of the season. Right. Other longford? Yeah. Of the season to be played. So they've got six games left. They can still win. They can win a number of those make playoff push AFC beyond the division leaders pretty weak. So. Maybe they could surprise us in and do a little something special this year still. So that is that let's move on to some listener questions. John and for those who are tuning in. You can text or call us nine four nine five four to six two four one nine four nine five four to six two four one..

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