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Yeah, LAW ENFORCEMENT SCRUTINY I! Imagine seems like a bad plan to have have. Have basically this This child trafficking selling scheme on open the van, so allen the open. That can access. will allow you to allow someone to accidentally purchase a that seems like something. You would not want to happen if you're genuinely doing it, but. The expiration from wayfair is that some of these these cabinets they are, they are. They're designed for home use. They are extremely heavy, extremely rigid, extremely protective dusty cabinets VAT designed to withstand a lot more than perhaps home candidates. You would have a lot more affordable as seems like reasonable explanation to me, but saw a lot of people especially on. Twitter and facebook and Tiktok were were instead believe that this was evidence of some sort of child trafficking ring and I was. Yeah, I've been spending a little bit of time today. Archiving these tiktok videos because tick occasionally deletes. Conspiracy theory videos. They did it before when Pizza Gate for example got got popular on Tiktok just a few weeks ago, so I will make to preserve that his ever in the future. And Pizza is I mean it's never gone away, but the idea that happening in the basement of a pizza place has been debunked, but pizza gate has kind of that. Hashtag has been a a name for something else. That is going on in society. pedophilia and the Pedal Gate I dunno I think using the term pizza gate is making it less credible because it's already been debunked is. Agree I. Mean this is made this one of my biggest problems with with the Cunard community is that they like whenever I pressed them on some of the claims that they make. They aren't factual like y'all do the evidence that the Comet Ping Pong Washington DC was ever involved in the sex trafficking ring, and sometimes it leads to dangerous situations case where South Carolina man actually traveled to Comic Ping Pong an attempt to rescue the children while the firing inside restaurant. Unfortunately, it's hurt, but someone might up because it's range, conspiracy theory, and like I said it distracts from like a the real genuine real life problems of you know of human trafficking which. Ought to be addressed. I feel like all of things like pizza and pedophile conspiracies. They tap into people's emotions, absolutely one hundred percent, and that's why people react so strongly to it, so my question is since people are adopting all of these philosophies. More people than there normally are exposed to it. Do you feel like it's dangerous for our country is? Are we reaching like an apocalyptic situation with all of these cues running for Congress? yeah, yeah, I think it's I think it's really. A one level is really. I mean in the sense that. I think that were really necessary for democracy. Is this idea of consensus? Reality is like even if you can't agree on sort of vague, perhaps the solutions. You have to like have this commute. Idea of was real and what the actual problems are, and of some people think that you know a serious problem is is is a particular up a pizza joint Washington DC, as as a human trafficking hub, and like other people see that believe that there's there's nothing to that. There's no there's no reality to us in this and doesn't represent an actual problem that deserves addressing like. How can you have common ground there as so I think it's you very dangerous, and that says social dangerous in the sense that you know. People who believe in Q. and all the fuel ballet you? They sometimes take very dangerous actions There's a recent. Case of a man named Alpa Sleiman. Who got fell down the? Rabbit hole and wound up leading police on the hundred mile, an hour arches with his five children, the car, and then live streaming himself on facebook, breathing with Cunanan and and trump to to save him. Now, this is this is this. This is ludicrous, so yeah, I think there is there is a danger, but at the same time I think that we we should also keep some perspective because it, throughout American, history they've always been times when when conspiracy theorist may they've gained a little bit more power than they usually as normally the sort of the sort of conspiratorial element of politics, really deeply conspiratorial element. Element sort of in the gutter political discourse, but once the while they they rise up and you really well. When when historical example is that? In the early nineteenth century, there was a party called the Anti Masonic Party and this was dedicated proposition that the freemasons running a shadow government that was controlling America in eighteen, thirty, two, this particular Anthony, solid part control ten percent of the House of Representatives. And was the first third party in history, so we are quite to that point where followers control ten percent of the house. This is you know something. There's other times there's the the know nothing party. The John Birch Society in the fifties, sixties, seventies of so this is something that comes in ebbs and flows, and we just might be a time right now. Where conspiratorial thinking is surging as popular union gaining some power. Now there's GonNa be a permanent save affairs, but I also feel like it a lot of people when they find things on the. Internet something that everyone needs to get into. A habit of is really double checking what you're finding. I A lot of people re tweet videos that are just audio, no video or videos that are extremely a muffled, and they see it as fact today. Re tweet threads from someone's random twitter as like a case of evidence, and I think we are still in the baby stages of the Internet, and maybe if we get to a place where we're more inclined to be informed into really research, the things that we're finding. Maybe we won't be as susceptible to a queue in on. I mean I would love I would love. Yeah, people were like. Yeah, we're like a little bit more. Discerning and the information that they get a little bit more skeptical, but it's not how people behave. People believe what they wanted to believe. I mean the Internet has it could enable someone to quickly research too quickly fact, check. Instead is sort of. Is Sort of a high-powered confirmation biased where they can serve speak-out in only recognize the information that validates them in just the filter out. Ignore all the information that's disconcerting to their beliefs and so. Yeah, I mean yeah, the Internet is very powerful, but is only effective depending on how you use it. Yeah, that's and that's what the Internet does best is. It puts US Center Echo Chambers, and just gives us what we want, which is dangerous, itself so the other reason why I wanted to talk about Hewitt on especially on this show is. One of the theories that they have is that they think that they are going to be as digital soldiers ushering in a new era. Lifting the veil on all of this, and it's called the the great storm. Would you tell us what the great storm supposed to be? Yes? Our the perfect time to do it. If you guys are listening to us like we're waiting. Yeah, right I. Mean Anytime I would love it if it happened. At least it would be a relief. I would be I'd be happily showed to be wrong, but. They say legally. It's like it's like if this would have. Oh, Shit, I guess. I was wrong CAJAL. Yeah, it's like it's like it's like the thing is I. It's like a lot of people accuse like for example like Tom. Hanks a being A. Child abuser with no evidence whatsoever. No I've I've watched a few few of movies by any particular attachment. Tomei, if you have any concrete evidence, you've done something nefarious our in love to see it so I know I just haven't seen anything, but Yeah, the yeah. The storm is basically this event that they believe that is a mass arrest of they accua followers believe that one day soon basically hop over a hundred thousand people from the highest levels of entertainment and politics in media will all get arrested swept up in the grand rate that will expose just how evil bail all are basically the like people like Your Lady Gaga then Congressman Adam Schiff and cal common after my Lady Gaga. Jake tap. It probably has done something terrible. CNN The ideas like people in these sorts of high powered influential positions won't get arrested and they're all either..

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