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Each time twenty four pitches. One time fourteen the other maybe ask for a fair bit more tonight, depending on if Dave Roberts will let him hit next half inning, two two and a changeup. Miss just below the knees are that'll run the cow full on Kane. Centered infield hit me scored. He's also hit a fly ball to right field. I thought that was gonna cost Kane tracked it really well. And he kind of know went down with it with sometimes could get the loser the Upmeyer that it's actually the pitches little higher than it actually is. Because of the fact that you crouch over and track it ended the plate subtypes or call it a strike. Here's the three two on the way and Kane hits a ground ball back to the mound on a hop to reassert an easy play on the first to get them one down. Let's pause ten seconds for station identification. You're listening to the National League championship series on ESPN radio and the ESPN app presented by autism. Your home for baseball's playoffs and World Series MVP, Chicago ESPN one thousand and streaming on the ESPN app. Dan, Schulman Chris singleton Miller park. Gained six brewers. Five dodgers one Milwaukee batting bottom for here's Christian yelich warriors. The set featured a fastball catches the inside quarter of the belt Owen. One the Elhage crowded out his first time on that had a line drive w right-center in the second inning. At a moments later came into score on a line drive double to right center by Ryan Braun that was the fifth round of the night for a walk. You got four in the first the and yell at your swing and a foul Baco ensue. That was a good looking yelling cut right there. Reminiscent of earlier in the playoffs. Then had our right-field seats written all over it. Based on the location of the pitch. Fastball. Running mark. Side a little bit from Tanner reas was weeds tailing into Christian yelich a little bit and catch that pitch out fraud. Good things can happen. If you're the hitter. No balls two strikes. Now, the Cavs aurea sets left he left. He match up here. It comes in a fast ball. Swung on is. Good location. Just above the belt and a rea- strikes him out. And it bats ending with foresee fastball celsius. I've not been good for Christian yelich for whatever reasons that with two strikes for seam fastball since do tends to send him walking back to the dugout. Verse strike out of the night for is. He has sat down the first two batters he his face now. We'll be Ryan Braun who's having a good night. He's walked and scored. And as mentioned he's had an RBI doubled. To data the basis empty things. Kind of settling in here after a wild first couple of innings. Here's the pitch a fastball. Just misses outside the ball one. No activity in either bullpen. Wade majlis been good is now set down seven in a row. The only Rodney gave up was to the first battery face tonight, David freeze. One ball. No strikes on broad right hander batter holding that bat high above his right shoulder. Yeah. The pitch MRs outside again ball to to narrow misses with fastballs off the outside corner. Doesn't seem to want to. Come inside and play with Lyon Bronx but to account here. He's gonna have to do it. Not entirely not with left-hander behind brawn and Shaw. So probably will throw his pitch here in to their comes. And it is yo- you want around. Yes. He did boycott about. A mellow late. Call thereby Brian Gorman saying that Ron went around he kind of just pointed out a very casually with his left hand that about a full second later, this kind of casualty raised his right arm. Saying you swamp, that's a stroke. So it's two and one on Braun. No argument. Reassess the set and the pitch swing at.

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