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Like pablo crane a booster and then the centers in her causes of the world. The number say it. My eyes say it. What is mexico axing yeah. I'm glad you brought this up. Trust in because if you weren't going to than i was going to and i know we go back years and years ago and you're always you the one that was trying to tell me. Hey you know next gen next next-gen right and i said hold on a second. Just let's let's put a pause on this. We've still got novak at the peak. We've still got federal playing. Well rafah these guys are still around by. Now's the time gaskin right. It's it's a few years later right so but but this is the time you are correct. I mean we have. Now i i. I really don't know if that in rafah are ever going to return you know in in any capacity where they can remain competitive with the top players in the game. They may play a little bit in two thousand twenty two just kind of a fair well. I don't know what they're gonna do but with their injuries in everything as far as i'm concerned now it's sad to say but they really are kind of irrelevant at this point. All of those names that you mentioned this is who were watching now. It is still joker. Of course put him aside. And you've got zverev in medvedev andrew bov in cincy pasta bertini all those guys that you mentioned they are. This is the crop of players that are relevant. Now and for that reason. I think this. Us open is gonna look a whole lot different than it's been in the past on the men's and the women's side no serena You know it's gonna look totally different But it's fun it's fun. I've been watching these tournaments. Cincinnati toronto washington dc winston. salem atlanta. you know all of these lead up tournaments in. It's fun to watch these guys. I mean they play really well. It's very competitive And i think it's going to be super exciting so while this us open. We'll look a little bit different. I think men's and women's I'm super excited for your right man. Finally two thousand twenty five. Now we've moved on now in this next crop of players which you've been trying to tell me for years. You were a little early just you were early. But you're right. Now's the time. I do agree with you. Did i miss you. The backhanded compliment that only mexico at can pull off with perfection. I will agree with you as you agree with me. I was a little bit early now. I think the names. I had were right like i had. The right guy circled but it was a year or two early. I think that twenty nine thousand nine hundred medvedev hardcourt run. That was kind of the dam breaking when he ripped through city open canada cincinnati. Us open then. Obviously twenty twenty was just a year of chaos because of the pin dynamic and everything that happened. Of course dominic team get did get the title and he's missing right now from this conversation but it does. I mean he just a couple more data points. You look at the race to be run finals. And i the reason we bring this up to your point is because i do think this..

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