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That's some great news is now possible to get your pentium subscription via pay pow or your credit card the premiums subscription allows you to access all episodes of brain science including about six years of content recorded before two thousand thirteen and all episode transcripts way to access premium an three content is through the three rain science mobile app which is available for i o s android and windows phone you'll find it in your favorite apps store to learn more about premium go to brain cents pike yes dot com look into brain science the podcast for everyone has a brain this episode one hundred thirty eight and i'm your host started ginger campbell my guest today is dr john medina he first appeared on the brain size podcast back in episode thirty seven which originally aired in two thousand eight today we are talking about his latest book brain rules for ageing well ten principles for stain vital happy and sharp even though this episode is less technical than some recent podcasts i will come back after the interview to review key ideas and to make a few announcements as always you can get complete show notes and episode transcripts at brain science podcast dot com and you can send me feedback at brain size plot against itchy male dot com welcome back to brain science do realize that it's been nine years since we last talker maybe i wouldn't brain rules first ky what yeah yeah i'm looking forward to talking about your new book.

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