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Chance for Andrew for you when your birthday coming up next couple of weeks. Saturday then I can start playing in my name. Won't see Steve. You won't see Lauren Weiss anymore at the top of the list. You'll hopefully the Andrew. Dice. But You know I love I. Love the. do like playing with Andrew these tournaments. The way the Wolfson's done it over the years and so many others it's. It's a great thing. To be able to have the common interest. There's no doubt. And, that's the game is most typically passed down that way. Yeah, you know from. Or you know friends or or family so you're you guys, are you guys are a textbook case well very happy to see What I saw your name and and We're going to be. Very happy for you guys and Andrew. Will get you on as a when when you qualify on your own, we'll. We'll get another conversation going. Look at that. Congratulations Lauren and Andrew Weiss and continued success and look forward to the I. Wish I could say we'd see Saratoga but. Maybe maybe maybe across a plantar. Yeah, you never know, but keep well and love their show and keep going and We will see you soon hopefully. Absolutely the wisest father and son Lord and Andrew Everybody. Let's take a break here little past the top of the hour. Actually quite a bit and Mike. Welsh is gonNA. Join US want to hear about this this race today at Gulfstream and you got the to being cone forces. I gotTA check the scratches I. See where Ron Nicoletti just put them out and maybe see. Anybody came out of that race, but you've also got three. This is a big deal in the middle of a week and considering the. You know the rapid drop off here between Max `field I passing.

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