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Deal if there's a couple of super chats thank you very much. Says he briefly lost power here hoping it hold on. Yeah hopefully that'd suck for was to pop out during the morny no why during takeover ride during the big the the big shows man that that that would stink we really think and he also left us another superjet. Thank you very much. Says listening. At one point seventy five speed to catch up and man if you thought the weekly wrestling inspection theme was a jam before try hearing it almost two times faster. Hey maybe we can get ben to play it at one point. Seventy five right. Maybe we can get him to do that. at one. point seventy five and really accelerate. Everything do it ban a. Let's let's talk about another show that happened last night. And that's continuing on tonight as well and extending deliver night. One my god. What a good show. That was wasn't that just a really good wrestling show. It was really really good. Let's go right into it. Let's talk about it. Because i think the matches were were were really really good. I think they were really really good zoe. Stark in the pre show defeated tony storm. And this i have to reads from this result here. My i read is zoe. Stark picks up a win over. Tony storm. yes. It's on the pre show but zoe stark has been probably the most consistent wrestling It's probably the most consistent wrestling wrestling female wrestler. They have right now putting out bangers after bangers yes she all been in losing efforts but what matches she's been pulling together. She's been absolutely phenomenal. Really remarkable. I didn't expect her to shine so bright so quickly out of the latest class of inductees of p. c. not inductees recruits. So that was my. I read in my second read. Is tony storm men if.

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