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Ten spothero park smarter wins news time five boats, who what was hurricane Florence is. Now, just a tropical depression, but Florence is still dumping massive amounts of rain on the Carolinas resulting in widespread, flooding and. Are saying what they've been saying. Since the beginning that the worst is yet to come here still rescues underway and flooded areas. Like Onslow county North Carolina where Norman Bryson is emergency manager. We've had people on top of the roofs of the cars, they drove into flooded roadways. We are going and picking them off the roofs of their cars will telecopiers we have had people who have been on top of their houses, we've said high clearance vehicles into areas to pull people away where the flood waters coming up the death toll at least eighteen now, including a man and woman who died of carbon monoxide poisoning seven hundred and forty thousand homes and businesses are without power. And where are you find Sastre? You will find scammers has Jim Ryan reports from overpriced gasoline to fly by night roofing. Contractors North Carolina attorney general jar Stein has heard five hundred complaints about people trying to take advantage of storm victims forms has brought hardship and despair all across the state. Let's make sure that that hardship isn't compounded by scam. Art. Just trying to take some of the sneaky. It's most profitable scams involve phony charities the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission offered tips on their websites to avoid being victimized. Our Al Jones is still riding it out in North Carolina. We'll hear from him later in the morning and tonight, we'll get our own taste of Florence in the form of a rainstorm. Some of the rain could be heavy in there could be flooding and some of the usual flood-prone spots wins news time five oh four. We know. Now, what that mysterious letter Senator Dianne Feinstein was talking about last week contained correspondent, David Wright reports it was from a woman who knew supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh back in high school Christine blazey Ford tells the Washington Post that about thirty five years ago at a high school party cavenaugh and a prep school friend were as she put it stumbling drunk when they corralled her into a room, and she says cavenaugh Pender do a bed groped her and tried to cover her mouth to prevent her from screaming. She said she was framed for her life. And she thought he was. Trying to attack her and remove clothing. Cavanaugh denies it. Categorically and unequivocally according to a statement from the White House. The question now is whether the judiciary committee vote on his confirmation. We'll be delay. Democrats have been calling for delays since before the letter surfaced. The matter may depend on wobbly Republicans like Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Need to find out more. Committee chairman Chuck Grassley says his plan is to set up separate phone calls with cavenaugh and his accuser ahead of the committee vote which is still set for Thursday. It's dangerous to walk between subway cars. They can be fatal in fact and last night. It was for a thirty three year old man walking between cars on a southbound four train headed into union square. He lost his footing and hit his head other riders pulled him back into the last car of the train is blood poured from the back of his head. He was rushed to Beth Israel. But they couldn't save him. And police have not released his name yet wins. News time five oh five. Here's the ten. Ten wins AccuWeather forecast. Some sun early today, then turning cloudy and more humid with a spotty shower in the afternoon. Seventy nine to the high sixty nine now, fair skies humidity at eighty six percent Windsor com. Sixty-nine going up to seventy nine wins. News time five oh six. There has been an arrest in an apparent road rage killing in queens on Friday morning. The victim a correction officer on his way to work. Let's get more from ten wins news. Newsmax lunch shock. He's live in flushing this morning Glenn elite nothing to say at all from thirty year old Gifford hunter as he was walked out of the hundred seven the precinct yesterday afternoon. Here in queens or cops are saying the MTA bus maintenance worker shot. Twenty-seven-year-old corrections officer Jonathan to rein in Richmond hill has happened around two AM Friday morning is the rain was headed into his job. Again, corrections officer Rikers here's NYPD's deputy chief Joe Kenny while on.

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