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Your backyard. I know at the beach wherever in listening tonight side Thank you very much for coming along and we will stay with you all the way until midnight tonight got some interesting topics and some interesting guests lined up in a moment going to be talking with Boston Globe columnist Ah, extraordinary. Scot Lehigh Going to talk about a great peace he had in the Globe today had to go to make dictionary a couple times this morning. We'll talk about that as well and then We will talk with the two police officers. Somerville Detective Mario Olivera retired. And Woburn Police officer Bob DiNapoli also retired. They have both wounded in the line of duty, and we're going to talk about their experiences and really emphasized to people the danger off that job and what it entails. And then Cambridge has come up with another idea. They want civilian traffic cops. On ly in Cambridge, but we'll get to all of that a little bit later on, Of course, your phone calls along the way, and I am delighted. Welcome back to night side. He's been here before. Boston Locanda Scot Lehigh Scott, How are you tonight? Could couldn't be better. I have sort of grown up in this business in a few years older than Scott. But when he was reporting at the State House, I was also reporting for television. So I think of him, even though he's substantially younger than me as a contemporary, nonetheless, I I hope you may feel the same way. Scott I appreciate that Very nice, UT. It's well. We both had a Pretty pretty good careers. And Scott, as they say, writes a column. Urine is I know it like it's a least twice a week. Probably more, right? Yeah, it's what you're right, basically for Wednesdays and Fridays, But sometimes you know, sometimes extra, like, write editorials to occasionally, Yes. Oh, But essentially a twice a week. So you're one of those guys that makes me pull my hair out in the morning when I read the Globe editorial about whatever. Well, occasionally. I mean, I can't be probably a little bit more. You know, I'm I'm or who occasionally will chastise thee mth, the Massachusetts teachers aside. I mean, maybe a little more of Ah, kind of moderate voice on the board. So I I doubt there's a lot of my stuff that would Make your teeth gnash, but maybe occasionally nothing. Nothing wrong with that. Well, you wrote a very interesting column this morning, which I had, really, I really enjoyed it. And for those who missed the headline, of course, which you did not write, but the phrase was Cherry picked from the column. The Judiciary Committee has a train wreck hearing. It is right that we write our own headlines. So wait select little pictures, sometimes yet another economy effectuated I with thee. I had always aspired. I thought that must be the easiest job in the world of headline writer. If I could just get that gig, I'd be all set well, anyway. You had me reaching for the thought the source a couple of times this morning. Um Gallimore free. Um, I had I hadn't come across that word before. I want you to know. Which I guess really is a bunch of things to a whole other assemblage of him, which is kind of night. Where did you pick that? One of both, If you like. I'll tell you what For a long time when I was younger, I used to read a lot, and I just used to write down all the words and for some reason, because I didn't think I was very well educated. I used to read a lot of Victorian literature. Nice to come across a lot of interesting words in and that I would look them up later and just, you know, have a little list of worst I like and over the years I've just accumulate a lot of a lot of words, that also well, originally, I was using that for liberation on how'd it go off Gallop free and and? Ah, One of my other hand, I don't think that really works with a Gatling gun, But so it got changed a little bit, but it's just something that sort of snap into my head is something that was complete and on a literature phrase and then cod's wallop. Obviously you thought of fish. I thought of fish and well, the world used to be used to be a very, very weak kind of beer. Really, for me and frosti and not not very good. I say as I sit here, drinking an excellent there against 16 ounce beer, But that was that was a type of beer and it became a phrase. I think that Scottish or English, but you see that around now and again. I mean that that that's what the more common term just come to me. Nonsense. Balderdash. Yeah, and and I also attract usage of these words. And those air been a little more common lately. So anyway, let's get to the substance. You. You start off the column by talking about Jerry Nadler, the Democratic chairman of the Judiciary Committee, was involved yesterday in a car wreck. In which delayed the hearing. I guess it was about an hour or so and then you finished up with by saying well in the first paragraph one safely on Capitol Hill. Nadal then presided over train wreck. So it wasn't a particularly good day for the chairman. I watched it. My sympathies were very much with bars. I know your sympathies were with Bill Bar, but I've never seen a here and quite like that in my time of either watching hearings are attending hearings in Washington was Was that exceptional? Asai saw? Have you seen worse? You know, I had never seen a girl like myself either. I thought it was just awful. I mean, on both sides really mean. Sadler started off and he just gave me gave me this is supposed to be oversight and oversight, getting information and making sure things are being done. It just was. It became such on both sides such a blatantly partisan exercise. Nadler started off by, you know, whacking his finger and scolding him and, um, you know, and then I think that export speaking with Steve Cohen, who kind of Indulge, sir. In the next democratic speaker in sort of a conspiracy theory about you. Let Jeffrey Epstein die in the kind of, you know, sort of implicated that if it was, it was a How to put it. It was something that was like a wink and a nod overlook not having security there. Jim Jordan Lee, the ranking Republican on the committee. Came in with just Ah, just a gutter of conspiracy theories, Leo. The reason people don't like bar was this that the other layers of it that he started off with one word spying. Yeah, And then he did like it seemed to be like a 10 minute video that that's obviously just to advance. I think campaign narrative and it really was and then I mean, whatever you think of Bill bar, you ask him a question. You've got to let him have 10 or 15 seconds to answer the question. You can't just say yes or no, I reserve my time I take but it was It was just a story exercise. I thought all all the way around up on both sides and on the way just just to back you up on that a little bit robbed. If you could. We're going to go toe. Aah! Cut one. This is a montage of the Democrats berating bar. Robbie could just play cut one. Shame on you, Mr Barr. Can I just say shame on you? You have consistently Undermined democracy, undermined the Constitution and undermined the health safety and well being of the American people. When you all came here and brought your top staff, he brought no black people. That, sir, is systematic racism. Your failed to respect the role of peaceful protest in this country is a disgrace. It's un American. Mr. Barr Idea, know? So let me just tell you I'm starting to lose my temper Federal time and I control it introduced a Tres.

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