Washington Post, Reporter, President Trump discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM


Examiner while he expects to see from a truthful person on this chart the premise the behind chronic graf is that if you are lying you will have a reaction on the relevant questions and no reaction on the control questions well now what are the relevant questions well the relevant questions are obviously vote for painted a point at issue for instance it protest is about what you leaked the information to the washington post and the question would be pretending for that meek did you tell the washington post reporter about the president's speech you know anyone who had access to the president's speech that may have given it to the washington post on and on they will be an interspersed questions called control questions the control questions are in knock us questions that have nothing to do with the point at issue it are completely irrelevant have you ever riot anyone forty to keep getting a trouble have you ever stolen anything all those types of your relevant control question and in what i want you to do just basically relax on the relevant questions and in so many in oslo reaction think of something frightening under control questions so here we go i want you just to close your eyes and relax i want you to pick to yourself lying on a beach cheer staring at at the ocean you're watching the waves japan lee rolling into the show wave after way chant lee rolling into the ship now i instruct you to do this when you hear the relevant questions and label the relevant questions and answer the relevant questions you will only picked to yourself lying on this beautiful beach and you will only seen the waves chant leave rolling inge relevant questions the backed away relevant questions gently rolling into the show relevant question totally relaxed long peace.

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