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With the five o'clock report. Nine. Matt Reese breaking now the governor of Kentucky, just announcing 712 new cases of Corona virus in the past 24 hours with 13 new deaths. A number of new cases is down from yesterday. The state's positivity rate now stands at 4.14%, which the governor says is down from yesterday as well. Ah, well known infectious disease specialist in Kentucky has died after she was battling the Corona virus for the past four months. Dr Rebecca I should go in first announced she tested positive. Back in mid May, She had been leading med center health and Bowling Green in its work on patient trials for treatment of the virus on the Ohio side of the river. Latest numbers 1242. That's above the 21 Day average. Eight people reported dead in the past 24 hours across Ohio, which is Well below the 21 day. Average kids you Goto, Ohio State University will not have the traditional spring break next semester. Instead, University executive vice president and provost Bruce McPhee Ron says students will get to instructional breaks one in February and another in March, where there will be no classes. Move, isto limit travel related covert 19 exposure to students and staff who were notified of the change in an email the first week of classes for the spring semester schedule for January. 11th through the 15th will also be all online. Give the community ample time. The quarantine prior to resuming classes in person that Scott Jennings reporting from Columbus, Indiana, reporting 1076 new cases and 17 new deaths. Let's check your roads now the latest traffic and weather together. We've been watching the delays all afternoon. Not as bad as they were 23 hours ago but still slow across the Brent Spence Bridge into.

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