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Probablyit was definitely the hardest thing i'd done so far being isolated and basically going over to southkorea alone for oca writing the end of my book it was you know you're playing these characters and then you're at least from me writing a book about myself very therapeutic but also very hard to be writing about these things buti think and and my last chapter is actually it's titled soulsearching so it's about my experience writing in seoul but i think because it was such an emotional experience being there alone and being kind of forced to face these issues i talk about i was so in a different emotional place than i would have been had i been with my friends in la having a great time like it wouldn't have pushed me to those emotional depths that i was in to write the book soi think it was a 100percent sure meant to happen that way but it was so hard i mean the dedication and like all i wanted to do is go have fun and explore andi'mlikeohmygodmy deadline might the time difference i've got this chapter to get in and you're like trying to make it all happen but then i kept thinking okay at the end of the day when you can say and you've turned it all in that you wrote it a 100percent yourself and that you actually did all at one time it's gonna feel so good ohmygod of the most respect for anybody fall through on that i mean i did like i did the easiest book imagine why did liquid we a book of interviews like transcript some some introductions and like that i was like when i got the galleon i got the governor like more satisfying almost anything else at the same for you owe when you like actually held it in my editor flick facetime cigarettes turned and it was this this amazing opportunity to kind of say wowi pushed myself pass where i thought i was capable of and what was actually amazing was at because oak just shot in southkoreavancouverandnewyork during the newyork portion was when my deadline was so iwasinnewyork at the hotel which ironically was like two blocks away from harpercollinsso every day before work i would walk to the offices.

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