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Is profound. And we're only gonna take short stroll on the tippy top of the massive iceberg. That is his life's work near the end. Just before i ask him for one key takeaway one key practice that you can do every day to move further in the direction of your own journey of soul initiation. I ask bill whether he has hope for humanity given our collective resistance to creating more mature adults and his answer will surprise. You maybe frighten you. He does have hope but not in the way you might think so. Definitely stay tuned all the way through to the end of this episode of men. This way all right. Let's dive mr bill plotkin sir. It is an absolute honor to have you on men this way. Thank you for being here. Thanks for the invitation brian. Great to be with you and all your listeners. Yeah i've i've been absolutely enraptured by your work For about the last year now and it was introduced to me by a group of men who Likewise men's group that i'm in of of of just you know how beautiful heart centered men in the doing the personal growth work whatever that means In your book has really lit a fire in us. When i say your book i'm talking about nature in the human soul and i know today we're going to be talking about The journey of soul. Initiation your new book. Thank you when. I when i say it is an honor and i'm excited and i mean that full-on out mask you. Where are you in the world right now. You look like you're in a cozy cabin somewhere I am an cozy house is my home. It's on the edge of the animas valley and southwest colorado at seventy three hundred feet. And i'm looking right over the top of your head right now to the l- applaud mountains. Which go up to thirteen thousand feet and then some right outside my window so in.

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