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Feel it i feel that power and but i want to tell everyone that i don't really think he will coming off of this goal nothing evil at all why do feel though is i feel it's like when i first came in contact with i thought await him in the weight listed as i connected whatever what i started seeing move the weight lifted i didn't mean i was shaking also scared and then the scare went away play now i'm i'm feeling like i know the protection or it's like something has his hand on minutes holding me it's if you know it's every every to be okay you know he really okay you know don't worry now everything's fine that's one gets once adults only thing it's not like it's love it's like what's the word it's like loyalty he views what i get you know when somebody you know they don't have to be always good to you but you know they're always going to consistent with you know it could be there for you and that is how i feel right now is the feeling him getting that something some power whatever is right behind me basically telling me i've got i got your back from getting from that is that i was well you i tell me what is this but that you know that's what i'm feeling again and and that is that is in the dead probably very accurate for what your experience playing every once experience is different and again in this in this for i'm because we're sort of in a and a commercial type environment it right well with everything around this is all yeah so city and as i was telling you brief in received a major healing right and and that's what's going on and you have you are an and jiri intuitive yourself you do have it in your intense energy is whether you you know use them are or are hurt covering play into that hurt or not that it didn't this is a healing dish it it i get it different an everybody's experience is different i have had people that will fit with the shot a rock and they feel the same thing they feel the this inflation the the healing and and just a piece on that horribly off feel.

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