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As a human in the view of existential ism should take on so like isn't all isn't the basic conversation delegation responsibility just holding hand there. You're putting the response some of the responsibility into the court of the other person and For the waiter if your existence society you are generally trying on a roll. I mean they. All of us are trying on a roll. Me wearing clothes is me trying on the role that i was told to try as opposed to walking around naked all the time like. There's there's like standards of how you operate in. That's not that's a decision that's not my own. That's me see what everyone else is doing in copying them. Yeah exactly so. Sartre thinks that s- in the ideal. You should try to resist that other existentialist think that that's actually a clue to how you should live. Well yeah so. Sartre sard says somewhere else. Hell is other people. Why is hell other people for a while because other people are making choices also and when other people make choices they put some pressure on me to think that the choice they made is one that i should Copy core on that. I should sort of promote. But if i do it because they did it then i'm in bad faith for start so it it is as if starts view is like we would be better if we were all alone. I mean this is this is really simplifying starts position and this is really just mostly sartre in a certain period of his of his formation. But anyhow we can imagine that view. And i think there's something to the idea that starred as attracted to it at least in the mid forties. Can you dig into hell is other people. is there some obviously. It's kind of a almost like a literary like you push the point strongly it to really explore that point but is there some sense in that other people ruin the experience of what it means to be human..

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