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With the wind. Very mean game. It's tough really. Okay. So all right. So Kelly goes home auroras. Stay. As you eventually are going to give the extra vote back to Aurora. And then here comes war dog with a plan, and, and he says, hey, all of us pilots need to stick together. At least that's what we saw on the episode with you with you in Devon's. So. It's like this were dog is kind of like Khalidi. How collegiate slowly started to go a little insane admit met clean. Yeah. Well, that's what the war dog did too. And he was like getting to a point where he was just being a bitter Radic, and he was on he'd festive Gavin on wind told Lawrence shouldn't have a chance to make a final three is so and it's like I couldn't control him anymore is like I was Tyrian trying to colle- you can't do. And Kalinka not in any mind. So that was wore dog pay me. No mama. Debra said. Radic now and we're gonna was telling me we're office in the offices where he would go to talk with people in he called his office. But then one day I got invited to the penthouse which nobody ever get somebody to the penthouse by the word all and so I got invited which meant I was in high standing with him. So we or to the pin house, which is, which is on this half of rocks and we're sitting there and he's like Ron you now or Latin, I'm going to final four. Would you don't mind sitting beside you in the final three you're number one. You my buddy. I'm locked him with you. And so all these thoughts from through my mind of him, telling those things to Kelly im-, San things about Kelly him, saying, one thing to somebody's face telling Gavin unlocked with you thousand percent. In saying, Lavigne's gotta go in some like I can't trust him in, you know, honestly, all's at the war dog may work with me for one vote that he's just so a Radic right now. He's just he's lost his lost touch. And on as he's got to go 'cause I'd rather have somebody in the game. That's more stable. I know where they're coming from than have somebody who might earn down entire city display. Win. Inner it's not necessary to do that right now. Right. They were ringing the bell right, right? There were ringing, the bills and bills. They didn't care and just. Padras and then they're, they're more. And so I had to be Jon snow all the blade in and kiss award ball against the war dog your buddy trip run, we'll have to put a game of thrones spoilers warning on this podcast. Now part. I'm so sorry to everybody, like, oh well, I who cares enough has seen at this point. Yeah. I hope so. I'll let you I'll let people know, just in case. Okay. All right. So war dog is off to the edge of extinction. And now I have to think you're feeling like, hey, I got this now. Yeah. It was really pretty confident because of one hand, I had a roar who had pledged allegiance to me. I had Julie who would never betray me. She was my buddy had gaven who feels so loyal to me, especially after the Lublin bizzare about speak about I'm assuming. Yeah. And so I just felt like everything was under control in at the moment. Everybody's ass on voting out Rick. And so, I knew ahead Rick as a shield and had another show in my mind. And that was the first thing back from edge of extinction. Yeah. Whoever was bad. That's going to be the target and not me in. So I felt like I was in a pretty good situation. Felt confident Mike said when you get to confidence. That's what mistakes tend to happen. Can you talk a little bit about the looming edge? Extinction person like how much was that talked about in by the players and the game of somebody's coming back. We think we know around the time it's gonna be an how are we going to handle that, you know, I would have played the season completely differently there hadn't been edge of extinction. I really love it. You're voted out. You're kinda gone and you gains most people like most people to know that on my gosh, I voted out this person who's upset with me. Oh, they may come back soon. I mean it's no fun. It changes every everything that you think, in the so then it was we probably talked about it, a every five minutes, sixty seconds or one of one minute of every five.

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