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Taylor Armstrong arrives with castmate Kyle Richards, hoping that Camille, the woman who outed her abuse on the show a couple episodes ago, isn't there? But she is. And between the unlimited wine and the limited amount of space at this party, things get testy between Taylor and a friend of Camille's named Dee Dee. She's not gonna fight with you. She doesn't want to fight with you. She's been waiting for days. She wants to apologize. Taylor isn't having it. The more did he talks, the more on edge, Taylor becomes. Outside. Taylor, is not the way to conduct a discussion. And from there, the party devolves into true chaos. Taylor suddenly surrounded by women basically yelling, calm down, which, of course, has the opposite effect. You guys, done. Ridiculous. Stop ridiculous. Didi persists. Several of the women start physically jumping in between the two of them as Taylor shoves appointed finger closer and closer to Dede. Crying about how Camille's indiscretion has hurt her. All the words that were coming from me were based in pure fear. I was terrified for my life at that point and not knowing what my future was going to hold and just this isn't just reality TV fodder. This is my real life. You have no idea the repercussions that I'm gonna suffer from this. Were you conscious when this was happening that the cameras were there? I mean, by then you're so far into this experience of being on the show that I imagine part of the processes them trying to make you guys forget about the cameras, right? That's a good question. I feel like when you are, I feel like when I would get so amped up, it wasn't like the cameras were even a thought. It was just, I was so upset. And so scared and afraid of what this outcome was gonna look like that in those moments I was just gonna express myself regardless. And at that point, the cat was out of the bag. So there was really nothing more.

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