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The wife of one president and mother of another is being remembered clayton neville reports on former presidents reaction to the death of his mother barbara bush evan to kick off the event that runs through tomorrow george w bush assured the crowd that his mother was feisty until the end mother said to the doctor you wanna know what george turned out the way he turned out and the doctor can look somewhat perplexed nodded her head and mother says because i drank and smoke when i was pregnant with him he said he knows his mother is at peace i hope you don't feel sorry for any of us for me i am at peace with what took place and the reason why is my mother was at peace for what took place she believes in an afterlife and was joyously looking forward to that afterlife entrepreneurs and political leaders from across the country are attending and speaking at the forum this week laura bush welcomed the crown to the bush center and spoke about the significance of women in leadership she said her motherinlaw was the perfect model exactly that i couldn't talk about women leaders without mentioning law barbara bush was the strongest of leaders who led our country and the bush family with grace and quick wit john bainer end dick cheney will both appear at the forum today saturday dignitaries from across the world will attend funeral services for mrs bush in houston evan correspondent clayton neville we're going to get the accu weather forecast and yes it has some winter in it and it's robert workman sports nhl nba baseball lots.

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