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Well, hi walkman first things. First, some general, that's the hall of fame. Chris Carter has always this is Nick right rate weekend of football to pass your way death Prescott in the Cowboys back on the right track. A controversial call may have cost, Aaron Rodgers win, but we will kick off the show this morning with one. Tom Brady would very much like back as Jaguars hosted the patriots. Let's go to go and guys in the rematch of last year's ABC title game were Tom Brady outduelled Blake Bortles this time around quite the opposite as the Jags did not hold back and it was Bortles who bested Brady Bortles threw for four touchdowns three hundred seventy seven yards in Jacksonville's thirty one to twenty win over New England Brady had two hundred thirty four yards and two touchdowns in the loss. Here he is after the game. Needs to a better job and not a snot, certainly our best effort. I'll give them a lot of credit. They played good. You know, make tough on on our offense defense, and you know, we just could never string a place together. That seemed to be the case as you kept wanting them to get it. Going to jump. Start jump start that often see, what do you think was the biggest key in the patriots loss on Sunday? We'll even with their often struggling with some time you're going to do against a top five defense. We know Jacksonville is going to be a top five defense, but which you don't expect is in based on the game plan at New England hat. They were expecting to get some help from the Jags. They thought the Jags and. Because he's gotten a lot of criticism that they were going to try to protect Blake, Bortles in this. That's the reason why they had seven, eight man fronts. Man, they had zero coverage. They did some things that I haven't seen New England do that consistently for a long long time. You would have thought in this game that they were down at the beginning in trying to get the ball back and try to be more aggressive. They had eight people in the bops man, the man on the outside. So Jacksonville, what did they do the most impressive thing? How they threw the ball on first down. Blake Bortles, thirteen of nineteen on first down and not only just those numbers, but it was the fame of the game. They got off to an early lead, but the drive before halftime. They're almost in the same situation. They were in the championship game, but the coaches staff said, no, we're going to be aggressive..

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