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The sparky anderson tigers still winning and it was the jock d'humieres redwings right that were the eisenman era absolutely this tv wire and then even worse for knicks fan the bad boys chuck daly is ahah thomas bill lamb beer kicking ass rick mahorn era pistons that was the that was the most fun i grew up i i remember getting those bad boys when they went back to back loved land beer mahorn led lamp fair and other my dad my dad always he loved vinnie the microwave johnson it'd be like what do they call them the microwave because he heats up so fast because i love video he was going to joe dumars team it was tough for me as a new yorker to swallow you know with ewing trying to beat them couldn't beat them and then when finally finally somebody beat the pistons it was michael frigging jordan and nobody could beat him but the good thing about being very young at that time michael jordan came around you know it was a pistons fan but michael jordan was so fun and i was so young i had no problem become into chicago bulls fed just just like that because when i i mentioned the knicks fans that i the the the i guess the villains if you will that i couldn't stand as a knick fan i just remove jordan from the equation he's just he's not he's he's just on a different level different human being on the planet did you enjoy watching him then was that i mean i yeah but then i just i i was sick and tired of him beaten our brains a little bit repetitive whose games were fun though starks games those were so fun.

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