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Everyone This is Bloomberg markets with balls we need and Matt Miller On Bloomberg radio Good Wednesday morning from the Bloomberg interactive broker studio in New York City to our worldwide audience We have some green on the screen here for that sell off yesterday What are investors to do in a rising interest rate environment We're going to check in with one of our faves Danielle dimartino booth CEO and chief strategist at quill intelligence He's got some informed opinions Plus David Dee's managing principle and senior portfolio manager gladstone bank what is he doing with his client's capital as we head into 2022 But first let's go to Greg Jarrett Bloomberg news and getting Bloomberg business flash Greg we've got a rebound going on treasuries have reversed their early sell off as investors turn their attention to corporate earnings The S&P has bounced back a bit from the one month low with all 11 industry groups advancing earnings optimism offset speculation The Federal Reserve may deliver more than a quarter percentage point in March interest rate hike to fight inflation Patrick Armstrong stronger of blew rimi wealth tells Bloomberg he does not think a recession should be an immediate concern following such a height We're still in above normal growth I think U.S. economy is probably going to grow about four and a half percent this year The fed inevitably has caused almost all the previous recessions Powell's talked about this And I think they're aware of that And the letting the economy run hot They did that all last year and now we're seeing what happens from that But I think they won't hike too far this time S&P is up 6 tenths of a percent of 27 the Dow's up three tenths of a percent of a 115 the NASDAQ is up 9 tenths of a percent of a 124 to ten years up 7 30 seconds the yield 1.84% which taxes intermediate crudes up 1.3% at 86 59 a barrel Comics goals of 8 tenths of a percent of 1827 60 announced the dollar yen one 1433 the Euro dollar 1347 in the pound a dollar 36 43 Home buyers willing to spend almost a $1 million for competing the most for a piece of the red hot U.S. housing market homes priced between 800,000 and a $1 million so the highest rate of bidding wars of 64.6% followed by 62% for homes between a 1 million 1 and a half 1,000,061.7% for homes above one and a half million assault according to December data from Redfin That's a Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg markets is on now Paul Sweeney and Mac Miller All.

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