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Last week we were given I mean not gifted. We were given a picture from Brandi glanville former real housewives of Beverly Hills. She's coming back soon in the friend of role. She posted a very blurry picture of her kissing. Allegedly Denise Richards and is trying so hard to make this thing. If you missed this whole denise, Richard Brandy Glenville affair rumor I mean it's playing out on the real housewives of Beverly Hills. Hills on Wednesday it comes back I. Do have a bonus episode coming with real housewives of new. York New Star Martini Mike. He's going to be breaking down. The real housewives of Beverly Hills with me, so we will be talking more about brandy and Denise Richards and this alleged affair then so sit tight for that. Let's get to this week's new on Monday. We will this time I will use the word. Word gifted, we were gifted. The real housewives of New York midseason tag lines. This is a gift that we didn't ask for. We're just glad to collectively as Bravo fans. We're just glad to have our show back with that, said I guess they decided they needed new tagline because they don't have Tinsley anymore, don't know, are they? Just didn't edit her out. But whatever the new tag lines are okay, definitely the most. Most improved as Luanne. She had that terrible tagline before about it was something to the extent of lower the lights I'm taking the main stage in my own life like it was just not good, so hers is much better now hers is I rise above the drama and won't settle for the lower level. Love it. Love it I love that Louis makes fun of herself. In those type of things, it's amazing. Leah McSweeney I loved her first tagline so much disappointed in her to switch. It was just better before Sonja Morgan didn't have a strong tagline for the first half still doesn't have a strong tagline. In my opinion, the worst might be horrendous. Hers is like a mint in my mouth. I can be a bit fresh like don't make fun of like such a bad thing. I just said that Luanne was making fun of herself, and it was enjoyable, but just watching I. The difference was watching. have fit over being put in the lower level. WHO's actually funny and watching Arinda? be a bully and a mean. Girl isn't funny so there you go. What do you guys think of the new tag lines where they necessary or you here for them I don't know I'm really just changing so much. I am just not as much as I. Love Roni. Like is my number, one drug of choice, the fact that the things that I used to love or now kind of making me annoyed for example. The fact that Sonia was drunk by the time she even left for the party. It's just so much of the same whereas are used to be like. Oh my gosh yeah. Already inches, not even at the event now it's just like Oh my God here. We are again here. We are again. Is that like this, the the Hashtag for twenty, twenty, four, real well, speaking of twenty twenty outdoing itself, let slide right on over to the latest ninety day. Fiance spinoff. It's called Dursey. Stacey and it will be following this. Silva twins again something we didn't ask for, but we're getting it anyway I. Don't really know too much about Darcy and Stacey I mean I know it. I read about them in the news, but I never watched their seasons so I don't have that firsthand account, but I have been following the spin off in the news and different facebook groups and whatnot, and I would say a hard majority are passing on the spinoff, which is crazy to me because from what I know. Know Darcy hasn't been one of the more popular housewives, but they keep on having her back, so is it like a Howard stern thing you remember like in the eighties and nineties. How people were like Howard Stern is the worst broadcaster in history. His show is garbage. It's trash, but then he would always get their ratings because people loved hating on him so much. Is that a darcy and Stacey Silva thing I. Don't know, but I would love for you to tell me. That's why there is a facebook group for the on his day entertainment podcast. It's called the fanny pack, so look it up. Become a member, and let's keep these conversations going moving onto Tuesday's news I am obsessed absurd. With this story, it's just too good. Another crime story from the real housewives of New Jersey this time involving Dina Manzo 's ex-husband husband. Tommy, Mandel so of course Tommy Manzo. As brothers with Caroline Manzo 's husband, so DNA and Carolyn. Our sister in sister-in-law's well Tommy Manzo hired a mobster to attack Dina's new husband will. He was her boyfriend at the time. Husband now the funniest part well. This isn't funny. I mean obviously any kind of like formal attack is horrible, and violence is never the answer, but me being a bottom feeder. Really enjoy things like this and the fact that Dina's new man didn't die is great news, so that's probably why I can still enjoy telling this story and revisiting story. But the funniest part of this whole thing to me is what the crime was for. It's so ridiculous so the guy that Tommy hired to do. His dirty work is named John Purna. John Purna wanted a super opulent wedding reception at a venue owned by David. He wanted all of the boozy news, but at a discounted price. This story is very very sopranos Esque, because there is I, guess the Guy John, who's the accomplice is part of the La- chess crime family, and it just like a story straight out of the Sopranos I feel like Paulie Walnuts. If he was here, he would want. Want his storyline bag and it's all just so funny. Tommy's lawyer said the allegations more resemble fictional plot of a reality TV show, and we'll be proven to be absolutely and totally false as it relates to Thomas. Manzo with that said if it is true after all, it looks like Tommy might face up to twenty years in prison as well as a two hundred fifty thousand dollar fine, so that would be. Of all of the okay, I'm thinking of the housewives husbands who've been in prison. There is of course Joe Giudice and Apollo from Atlanta. So this would I can't think of any others, and it would be two-thirds that went to prison or from Jersey. How about that? Let's move onto Wednesday's News Bravo just gave us another gift, and it was the real housewives of Potomac tag lines so I'm GonNa, come at you with a very unpopular opinion. I'm brand new to Potomac I. Just finished season. Want I'm about to finish season two now and I think if I were watching it even six months ago, it would have been like the greatest thing I've ever seen like right up there with like classic Roni like amazing amazing housewives content, but I started at several weeks ago in the middle of this black lives matter movement, really just been taking time and learning and listening and being more introspective and I'm just not really excited about Potomac like I, of course will watch the show and I'm excited to see what happens but I. I think I'm just tired of this format housewives. It's just the excess all the things I used to love about. It basically is what turns me off about it. The hierarchy of your social caliber based on how much money you have the old money. The legacy is like it's all pretty gross, and the fact that these people are rewarded for bad behavior is more than I can handle into totally honest in this world. There's enough fucking fighting I am really really just I'm tired. I'm fucking tired. Taylor Armstrong enough enough of the fighting on the housewives I need some variety so. Even, though I'm not enjoying Potomac as much as I thought I would. I'm going to say something. Every other franchise, every housewife in every other franchise needs to take notes. These Potomac tag lines fucking slade, every single. One of them was amazing except for Ashley Darby and it's super gross. She says she's not taking crap from anybody. Except if it's her baby gross like I am not looking forward to having to listen to that tagline for an entire season, but it's twenty twenty and here we are. Also in real housewives news former real house, husband David Foster. The music producer. He had an interview and he explained that he didn't want to leave. Yulon while you launder Hadeed now formerly, Yulon to foster because she was sick, the documentary he said quote. How can I leave a sick woman? The fact of the matter is that is not the reason I left. It was for a different reason which I will never disclose..

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