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Behavior bbc news hello claudia hammond's welcome to health check from the bbc now we all know just what disgust feels like but could this powerful emotion bihan est to stop the spread of disease they've gone to villages and they've said look here is fecal matter on the ground here's pooh on the ground do you realize that you're actually drinking that if you're not using a toilet so the hair into some poo and then dip it into the glass and then offer the glasses somebody to drink and the immediate response is all that so disgusting is a very powerful visceral response we promise the interviews not too disgusting and could a new idea help india reach its ambitious target to rid the country of tuberculosis by twenty twenty five and it's welcome back to sarah bosley the health editor of the guardian what you have for us today well i've been looking at a bit of a political struggle over support for sugary drinks taxes at the world health organization and the growing number of women transplants great we'll have that later now if you have cancer the earlier it's discovered the more likely it is that it can be treated before it spreads and the more curable it is so early detection is key for most cancer tests involves scans or biopsies where tiny bits of tissue or extracted from the body so that the cells can be tested to see how advanced the disease is but what if you could have a test which could detect cancer long before any lumps or symptoms have been spotted simply by having a blood test there are several groups of scientists trying to develop such a test and we've discussed before on health check a test for eight different types of cancer now results of a test for ten kinds have been announced at the.

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