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Even I can make in a well informed opinion and people that are talking with the twitch. You know certain obviously a lot of experience with this kind of thing but I would just wait until you know what you're getting yourself into before making a dramatic change. I guess what I'm thinking is with. The question is would would people I mean we would keep our thing that we would have to kind of keep some sort of subscription based. Keep ourselves independent even if we're on another platform well. I guess I want to know if people would actually follow us if we did anything like that. Would you extra support. Its own on twitch which you subscribe there if we had you know if we're doing the same thing we're doing here because as the biggest thing man I I do not want to adult at this model depend on ads and donations for what do you know what I mean. I'M GONNA go over to go to the chat and see what they're talking about. Yeah in the end look there's pros and cons with moving say moving everything over the twitchy. Just I mean even with subscriptions like twitch takes half of the subscription. You know. Let's like four ninety ninety nine a month. They take half of this. You're basically making what to forty nine yeah yeah there's a little there's certain things like that. It's like okay. You have to consider that into some of the other things. It's you know it's it's just conversations that need to happen for. I think for the next. Several months before you make a specific transition right now yeah you know I I mean I guess <hes> ways that people could still support over there if they did not support you guys no matter what you know yes <hes> yes. It would be easier to catch. You guys live <hes> if I would you know so. Some people are saying yeah they they that they would do. We would keep some shows. Free here like you know I think eight big crumbs still be a free show for people you know there would be some things things that we would do that. You would pay for like the like there would be. <hes> I guess the <hes> The way what would you call them. Premium shows that you would pay for and then there will be some shows. That would be free for you so you no I'm on A. They said they're gonNA work out something. Try to work out something and maybe to have as a switch over you know in not where I won't suffer a huge loss on my end so we'll see we'll eh goes because that's the way it would be. We would offer we would offer <hes> you know for your subscription like that's what you would get you would get a premium shows and also we would be able to offer you some some other perks on top of that so and we we keep our site. We can keep us site where we keep our you know where we would keep <hes>. You know we'd be able to keep such things as D._T.. MERGE DOT COM. We'll still be talking that blacks classic black t-shirt that white logo that ain't going the way you know the color logo variety of shirts stickers now the gift certificates the limited edition shirts that we have here. Thank you clever little Vixen one hundred BITs <hes> that's still in here folks. I'm sure after I get back from big Sakon. That's that's for sure at their Martin Mate. That is very awesome so yeah people just thought I'd run that by didn't want to didn't want to stop the show at that but I.

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