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Boston's newsradio man from Hudson New Hampshire rescued by a bystander after his car landed in a frozen pond police telling the levels on that Alexandre Picard was in the vehicle that rear ended another vehicle I called his card across the yellow line go down an embankment and crash right into this pond the card was upside down he went unconscious and that's when Taylor Baker jumped into action rushing into the pond and pulling him out the card was brought to a nearby hospital with minor injuries the other driver who was rear ended in the crash was identified as Chris Columbus of Litchfield and police say he too suffered minor injuries lawmakers in New Hampshire are considering a new bill this week that would focus on punishments for teachers to have sex with their students eagle Tribune reporting house bill twelve forty would make any teacher or other school employee who takes part in sexual activity with the teen guilty of sexual assault discounts for any student between the ages of thirteen and eighteen even if there was consent enhancers legal age of consent for context is sixteen lawmakers say they want to close a loophole with this they want to make it clear that teachers cannot have sex with their students period this bill is similar to a couple making their way through the state Senate lawmakers in the Senate considering a special background for teachers to and in New York the Harvey Weinstein rape trial going into its third week on Friday Jessa command the woman whose rape allegation led to the criminal charges took the stand she claims she was raped by Weinstein is New York City hotel room back in twenty thirteen through tears she told the jury in graphic detail how the movie mogul raped her after injecting himself with the drug to stimulate his libido Weinstein says their sexual encounter was consensual this week as attorneys will get a chance to cross examine his accuser and that's norm late and it's twelve twenty woman check traffic next you're.

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