Adam, Gerald, Bobby Wilder discussed on Championship Drive - Ole Mess: 2/23/17


Adam but my older sudden needs a disciplinarian right now so i i mean the couch at a little bit with that i'm not getting it done in any way you i think those are two great choices by heather both of them were in my list id mike rallies a really good choice as well from nebraska a couple others who i would add in there a package gerald at northwestern is at one i would definitely look to feel safe for him coaching my sons although they have even worse jeans and their sons got no chance others who who ah paul 'christ wisconsin i think is somebody who i would feel very comfortable coaching my kids and then a guy actually who's more off the radar in the group of five ranks have gotten to know really well lately who i really really like is bobby wilder at at old dominion just a really good guy a guy with great perspective on coaching on life and a very positive person who i think would be great influence for for young people that's a great our armed through because those guys there are a lot of really good coaches are a lot of levels the because they're not there be a successful though the publicity for the work they do with young people the uh i was having our conversation with a with a coach this week the two points i would want to make one is too to to what you said about david shaw heather uh the comment we had a couple of minutes ago adam you said a guy said you the stanford needs a transformative quarterback to to be dominant i disagree i i think if you look at stanford.

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