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And other evidence to determine whether the officers followed Glendale police policies, the atmospheric river that may or may not have spoiled. Do Valentine's Day plans yesterday has come and gone. The national weather service attract a quarter to a half an inch rainfall across most of the valley you never more than fifteen minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's news station. KTAR news. KTAR indepth. Shand of rain echoing around much of the valley in the entire state. Most of Thursday is the atmospheric river did what it was forecast to do. KTAR senior reporter Jim cross joins us now here in the valley. Gym it didn't seem to be that much of a problem for people outside of ruining out, outdoor romantic, Valentine's dinners. Yeah. I mean, it just was anywhere between a tenth of an and up to a half, an inch and places. Cape creek had almost two inches of rain. It really wasn't like a, you know, summer monsoon storm not torrential just a soaker over several hours, but areas around the valley got hit pretty good, cave creek almost two inches of rain Bradshaw. Mountains had places with three and a half. So it pretty much left up to the hype. Yeah, it really gets me to the rainfall totals that you're hearing and in the high country the snowfall totals lot more fresh powder came in over the last twenty four hours our thinking or nothing officially ever it. Looks like about two feet at style was last estimate. We had. Mount Lemmon Tucson, the two to five inches of rain out of this flagstaff got an inch and a half of rain. They need more snow, and it looks like that's coming in there. They have snow forecast every day through next Thursday. So this is a pretty impressive wondering much much better than last year was. Yeah, you mentioned in. We're speaking with KTAR senior reporter Jim cross you mentioned the fact that the high country is gonna get snow over the next several days, the valley could expect to have some more rain over the next couple of days to couldn't it looks like Sunday Monday and Thursday Friday, and it's really gonna cool us down on Monday. We won't climb out of the fifties for a high. We keep adding up these storms and now this weather phenomenon known as El Nino warming of the Pacific Ocean waters. Kicked into gear. Finally, and that can bring more moisture the south west. So if it finally got its act together, we could have a pretty wet next few weeks. Yeah. And and you know, I felt that way all through the the fall that we were just going to be in for a much wetter winner in a colder winter, and it's turned out to be that for the most part. Yeah, it's been crazy. What doc Tober history, and and now all of this so coming because we need it. And we need to remember this in the middle of July one hundred and ten thirty percent humidity. How what what it's like right now. Everybody's complaining about is too much rain. Well, get back to me on his.

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