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Minutes when you want to disappear call one eight hundred John one eight hundred got junk dot com most of us get a break from the rain and chilly temperatures Wednesday the exception is the Inland Empire which could see more afternoon showers in our mountains we'll get more snow down to four thousand feet temperatures tomorrow warm into the lower and mid sixties and more widespread rain is expected Thursday Anthony honest NBC four right now it's fifty in Laguna beach fifty four in Anaheim forty seven in Encino and fifty three in playa del Rey Wheatley local life in the camp by twenty four hour news room I'm Gina grad A. M. at six forty is coming from you know if you want a good website for a lot of corona news surprisingly weather dot com doesn't do just weather but they have the latest updates in the United States and around the world for instance they have this on their website treasury secretary Steven I is it moonshine right Mnuchin Mnuchin right now he said that the administration is working on getting a check to every American over the next two weeks to help with extra burdens caused by the corona virus outbreak and so one idea and that has bipartisan support is everybody gets a check for a thousand dollars how sweet would that be on those hearings idea yeah right yeah I get the freedom dollars right mmhm.

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