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Solution to avoid amputation. What propelled you to do that? And how is the foundation doing overall? Well lately, we're doing great, like the news of my departure. Um it's funny and great at the same time, like, uh, we every time I did an interview like this. I would find a way to mention or just come up, but I broke my leg in college 1980 last play of the game. We're at Oregon. I'm in the game. Last play were down 33 to 9, I think was very Decide One more We call it 95. That was like triple go routes all over. And why not? You know when I try to make it 33 16 guys fix his helmet on my ankle ball comes out of my hand. It was a wet day, horrible pass and have a fracture dislocation. So I played the next year. And this this favor like wrapping all these many stories into one here the next year I played I was second string to Sam King. Sam King led the nation in passing yards will beat BYU at BYU that year. Uh, Jimmy Sandusky, a post corner Jim McMahon was hurt. A guy named Steve Young was their quarterback. Yes, Funny, right, Like all that I didn't play that game, Sam through for like 500 yards. So after the season, the Seahawks gave him a free agent deal. But he was going to go to Canada. Instead. My coach said, Hey, if you like that guy, you should look at the backup guy. He probably has a better arm. Sam was a better quarterback, right? That was pretty much the book on us and I go through. To Steve Largent. If you will. He happened to me in the building. That was my travel guy. Wow. And he was. Yeah, and I signed a contract. But I ended up working out for three weeks in Kirkland. But I end up failing the physical for this damn ankle, right? They put me on the machine to measure the strength and I was thinking it was just like a 40 or bench press. You know, I was trying right? I would have cheated. I would have gone hard on my bad leg. 70% of my good leg. I didn't realize what was going on. But they were measuring the difference between my good and my bad and the variance was so great. They're like we just You know what dark. The doctor just said. We can't pass you like your ankle isn't isn't going to last or you're going to get hurt worse, or we're gonna have to pay for it or whatever. So I was out. I got a TV job five days later in Seattle is kind of a gofer, right? Took a while to move up to three or four years. I get on the air than I do sports and the whole ESPN thing. So I mean, I think all of that matters in the makeup of me and how I look back at everything. The appreciation I have for what it all meant, and also kind of where I am now. Like I've got more attention in the last three weeks than I have. In 27 years you were talking about outside more in three weeks than 27 years by far. Wow. Yeah. I mean, I'm not saying I didn't. Somebody wouldn't call. Hey, you want to be in a commercial, but I'm talking about in a condensed period. Well, you know, you know what It's like. It's like you died to a certain extent. That's what Ben Schwartz said. I don't like using that word. But sure, Uh, said, how is your electronic funeral or something else? No, no. And I was so touched. Truly earnestly. You know, I didn't know how many people would even carry, like, like whatever some other guy old guy left ESPN, you know, give us the next game. And just the outpouring and the sweet words and from athletes from strangers, you know, from colleagues, you know all over the place. So going back to the run free, though, because I got sidetrack the ankle is what the point that was filled the physical years and years later, I'm now 50 something. And I was considering amputation. I'm not kidding. Like it hurts so bad at this period in my life. I was doing the football stories. Matt Doyle, the producer with me and and Oh, my God, he he just shake his head as I'm like limping off the plane turning, you know, drive your ankle into a place where it's bending up again because I have like a locked ankle of like a self used ankle essentially and the flights not good for it, and it's our It was a bad hair and dark period. And I got advice from the amputation people in Seattle Harborview Hospital. They said You're too young. We wouldn't even we would reject you. We're not doing it. You need to go Try something else. Go get a better therapist like we've got a connection to get a better brace. You know? So I go this guy Nino predict. He's a chiropractor here in Kirkland, Washington, and he saved my life like he brought it back to life. He he made it Look better. He manipulated it. Kind of got it going again. Then I gotta brace but Few years later, I got a better brace. So this thing is called an exo Sim and it's funny. I told Jim Zorn, who has a similar problem on his left ankle. He got the same first breast as a gym. You've got to go to the second guy right now. You have a station wagon and I have a Ferrari like they're two different devices. No offense, The other guy, it's you know, it doesn't for some people, but I can run with this one. I'm gonna go play golf. I'm out the door After this question, I hope and get love. And I can walk with Gretchen. I can hike I can sprint like it's amazing. So the day I got mine is is late Fall 2017. I believe it was Gretchen. I immediately like Let's do something good. Like I cried for two hours. When I got mine. I couldn't believe my gift. We start a foundation called Run freely. We've raised money a whole bunch of different ways. Jamal Crawford just give $1000 for each of my 27 years, so he just donated 27,000 whole bunch of people have done nice things and end the $5 ones matter as much as Jamal's 27,000, Right $5 to 1 person is 27,002 Jamal. So it's all relative. But we have We have enough money right now for six new veterans, and I just got to call the next one in line out in Port Angeles, Washington, which is on the Western peninsula, She was so sweet. She almost made me cry on the phone like I I couldn't Hear her answers without getting emotional. And sometimes I choke up talking about it myself. Just because it truly changed my life Now, I don't need a day to day. You know, I'm not in great pain anymore. We're just to go to store. You know, I just wear flip flops all the time or slippers or barefoot. But if I'm gonna do something athletic, I have to have it or my ankle will totally blow up. So it's huge gift to me. And I'm really proud that we're doing so the fact that you Departed. ESPN became a huge benefit gift to run freely dot.

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