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WW NewsRadio nine fifty light rain approaching the area the AccuWeather forecast. Now meteorologist John furic. Again, joining us live here in the calm before the storm, John absolutely nothing. More than a shower out there this evening, we'll see steadier rain come in late tonight. The low thirty nine a weather advisory goes into effect late tonight for areas north and west of the city, and we will see that rain transition over to snow from north west. The southeast across the area very late tonight into tomorrow morning. It will be windy for tomorrow and turning colder. With temperatures falling through the thirties. Snow does taper off to just some snow showers tomorrow afternoon. Total accumulation one to three inches from the city on north and west three to six inches along that I sixty nine quarter. Then you had south of metro Detroit accumulations, generally less than an inch that will dry out tomorrow night down twenty-seven, brisk and cold. Couple of snow showers Tuesday. I thirty two dried chili for Wednesday and Thursday right now Pontiac thirty nine in Arbor, forty two metro forty five out of thirty nine. This is accurate. There's John Feerick, and w w j NewsRadio nine fifty. It's your home for traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the eighth. You can always check online WW J, NewsRadio dot com, Detroit, public schools community district educates and empowers every student to build a stronger, Detroit. A city that runs on ambition, and grit where change is constant potential is limitless and hard work, prevail. Sales when students rise we all rise enroll today. Visit Detroit's K twelve dot ORG, traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the as bypass the brake lights to work..

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