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Report state Republican leaders gather this weekend near palm springs as they confront their party's identity crisis the California Republican Party needs trump out of the way in order to move forward with a Democrat in the White House calling a rebuilding year I'm really Jamali a peek into the state's GOP convention plus a roundup of news from across California next time on the California report. first up at five fifty one here on KQED. it's morning edition from NPR news I'm no well king and I'm Rachel Martin hurricane Dorian is now looming over the Carolinas but we still don't even know the full extent of the storm's impact on the Bahamas the death toll there has risen to at least thirty but authorities warn that figure is likely to rise as search and rescue teams managed to gain access to some of the islands on Abaco and grand Bahama buildings have been obliterated whole sections remain under water all of which makes the rescue and recovery effort dangerous and complicated eagle Gibson is the founder of Bahamas evac services it is his job to help find stranded survivors and bring them to safety we reached him between search and rescue runs Mister Gibson thank you so much for taking the time this morning thank you I'm a first if I could just ask you to do just describe what the effort looks like right now how many people have you been able to help at this point we've been able to transport around sixty people. on the priority right now is just to get all of the injured people out there so a large number of injured people on the ground on that assisting you know laceration ginger use the legs arms head you name so we're just trying to do what we can to. to get those people to local facilities US Coast Guard condoning amazing job helping us up on that yeah. the problem is we just trying to coordinate your traction all of all of those people that needs to be airlifted out before we focus on efforts going up but if I can ask more details on the rescue efforts where are you extracting people from are you and how are you finding them. so do the people that we've been coordinating where serve you know somehow gotten word out through other patients that have been airlifted giving their locations in the GPS coordinates and we've just been coordinating not Newman US Coast Guard our water mark on the ground as to how we can get people end of the kinds of injuries you said there's a Lotta lacerations presumably this is from falling debris what what can you say about the injuries or sing. our yes I mean the injuries is all you know if you think about it some of the priest on point on water movement you're very very quickly visibility you know for the waters really reduce so you know you can imagine there's a lot of people that are here are certain degrees in parts you know people being stuck in their home things floating around on that they can't physically see so let your serve you know just trying to get a handle on those personnel lead really needs to be. Florence medical attention what if I can ask what is their emotional state. I mean everybody is is up spirit I'm not thankful for first of all life and just utility to be reunited with their families you know those are. it's it's it's it's a really traumatic experience I think they're most grateful to be alive and I think you know the payment people to really resilient yeah. you know they're they're adequate about getting into rebuilding but for now it's just me thankful for the license so is there a specific story you could share with us someone you met during this someone you're able to help. one that sticks in my mind is the mother of the lost her own child the storm the dog there was one of the victims perform mall like I said I really give you a really. can't say much of wonderful are done in a lot of people lost their lives alone a lot of people mostly children and on this is tough. where are where the people staying the people who you are able to help and rescue. people you know on the on the leave the hospitals you have some of them are from which to stay with the government stepping in to Mr social services everybody's doing a great job or not and so we're just trying to get every other bringing it to open the doors and just you know. the right thing right now I imagine you've seen hurricanes there before and especially in your line of work how does this one measure up. totally different category entirely. en route my mind around the significance of different difference right now I mean literally tired communities oblivious I mean gone. nickel Gibson as the founder of the Bahamas evac services which is helping with search and rescue missions on the islands thank you so much for taking a few minutes to talk with us thank you. jury selection is underway in the trial of the former Dallas police officer amber Geiger one year ago officer Geiger was off duty when she says she mistakenly entered her neighbor's apartment thinking it was her apartment and shot twenty six year old boffin John dead in his living room Geiger has been fired from the Dallas police department and she is going to be tried for Johns murder and here's we Goodwin has the story thirty one year old amber Geiger was coming off a double shift the night she killed bottom John Geiger lived on the third floor of a modern apartment building but on this night she mistakenly parked on the fourth floor she was weary still in uniform as she walked down a well lit interior hallway to John's apartment exactly above her own he is in his house and he is where he ought to be not doing anything wrong Paul Coggins is the former US attorney for the Northern District of Texas here in Dallas Kaghan says nobody knows for certain how amber Geiger got inside John's apartment she says his door was ajar so she pushed it open it was dark inside and she saw a man in the living room the off duty officer polder service revolver and shot John in the chest wall of football game played on TV. under armour here are you the off duty officer can I get says she turned on the lights and that's when she realized she wasn't in her apartment she calls nine one one the audio was obtained by Dallas TV station W. F. A. during the call Geiger's voices breathless I'm an off duty officer I thought it was in my apartment and I saw it I think and that he would you know with my apartment as she describes what happened Geiger appears to realize how bout it sounds I'm screwed she says of her cell phone only not using the word screwed more than twenty times she repeats I thought it was my apartment near the end she adds one final detail laying the foundation upon which our defense will almost certainly be built I'm so tired she tells the dispatcher attorney Paul Coggins says that while a civilian might not have realized the nine one one call was being taped officer Geiger certainly did and I'm also expecting the prosecutor to focus on the fact this is an officer who's gonna be aware that this is tape recorded so if their statements that are favorable to her they may have been put on there intentionally by her knowing that she's made a huge huge error here and is trying to color you know black people America are killed by police if some of the most unbelievable ways been Crump is one of the attorneys for both rooms on family the issue of race hangs over the case coloring all the evidence below it the family has no doubt in their mind that she shot both phone because she saw a black man and sheep thou criminal the key elements of the case aren't in dispute the question the jury must decide is was this an accident or murder Jong who hails from Saint Lucia was an up and coming associate at price Waterhouse Cooper in Dallas. and a leader in his local church when Geiger was not arrested for several days John's family was outraged the question of whether Geiger is getting preferential treatment is now front and center and both some John's mother Allison has made it her mission to get justice for her son I twenty six years old he had done so much so if you extrapolate what he could have done hi he reached my age then you would have seen how much I have lost so I'm calling on the Dallas officials where they'd be the DA's office I don't know the dialysis them please give me justice for my son. amber Geiger's defense team has asked judge Tammy camp to move the trial out of Dallas County the one of Dallas's whiter more conservative suburbs but judge campus decided the court will try to see it a Dallas jury first before she rules on whether or not to grant the defense is change of venue motion Wade Goodwyn NPR news Dallas. health officials in New York state say they have a new focus in their investigation into the cases of severe respiratory illnesses that have been linked to vaping there more than two hundred reported cases in the US of people falling seriously ill and then ending up hospitalized after they have used you cigarettes there's a house number among the people who've gotten sick some have handed over the vaping cartridges the years and investigators in New York have analyzed the samples in the lab what they found are very high levels of vitamin E. and the products that also contain THC or cannabis health commissioner Howard Zucker says these products are not coming from approved medical marijuana dispensaries in New York what appeared to be a black market cartridges purchased off the street this is the situation of people buying products that have been laced with markedly elevated amounts of vitamin E. vitamin E. is common as a dietary supplement it's also found and lotions but when it's V. eight especially in high concentrations decker says it could be harmful vitamin E. inhaled deep in a long can cause problems the people have gotten sick have shown up in emergency rooms with shortness of breath and chest pain and soccer says imaging of their lungs points to information this is an inflammatory process in the long the body is trying to fight off a bond substance deep in the long like many maybe one explanation for the cluster of illnesses cases have been reported and at least twenty five states and two deaths are linked to the vaping induced sickness is one in Illinois and one in Oregon Zucker says the investigation is ongoing we have not ruled out any other substances officials at the FDA say no one substance including vitamin E. has been identified in all of the samples tested around the country they agency says more information is needed to understand whether any specific product or substance is.

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