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Can really every day. It's been dot com. An couple months ago. I published a deep dive into my favorite movie. So I married an axe murderer. Oh, yeah. Yes. That too. So. Yeah. If you want to check that out, I wouldn't hate it. All right. I swear the last I'm going to talk about for a while. But after Markaz anti pumped up patriot again the entire decided this was a weekend. We were going to watch the whole thing and watch the whole thing we did two seasons. Eighteen episodes. I believe right. Yep. Eighteen episodes. The reports are true. This is a really good smart show. And as everyone who talked about it before Mark, Jeff, and I forget, which one of the ladies was talking about it, the all sort of had difficulty describing the show to other people, and I get why I mean the best I can do is. It's like a Koan brother movie that's on Sola. Getting an adrenaline shot straight to the heart. You know, it's like parts by show. But it's also a cop show too little bit of like HBO's berry in its DNA. But it's also like like if you took that description at face value. It sounds like a kind of a depressing very gray show. And at times, it is dour, but also very winning at the same time. Like, even when it goes dark. I think a lot of that has to do with the lead. Michael Dorman plays John, and he does immense amount emoting within a very narrow range of emotion. You know, like, he's he's a sad, man. He's got you know, post traumatic stress is depressed, but he's also a spy part excellence and this cast around him really elevates you'll his his role. We got Michael Tournus tar tar mentioned Lou while ago. He's. From Manhattan to right? Yeah. And orange is the new black. He plays pipers brother on that. Right. And so he's a great counterbalance to the character. John he plays his brother. He's a junior. Congressman he loves DV. Spec- boys is always wearing like traveling anywheres tracks. And but I want to say a special show to Chris Conrad as Dennis he is the craters brother, right? So this guy is he works at the cover workplace that John the spy sort of gains entrance to in order to be able to fly to Luxembourg to do spice stuff. And he is like this needy adventure seeking self proclaimed best friend of John, and this guy takes would have been a really annoying character. In turns it into something oddly endearing even know if you put all his deeds, and what he says on paper, he comes off as a real jackass and dick. But there's something about this guy. The way he preaches the character. It's not quite a mand idiot. But it's close, but it doesn't cross that line. That is just like such a well thought out and considered approach to this character. And I think that speaks to the show itself. Like, it's really well thought out it's sort of one of those shows like kneading bread kind of like advances of bid and takes two steps back and kind of goes like that. And cycles, and it's very satisfying to serve sort of have these storylines play out sort of like Yohan eighty percent per episode chunks. And then he little backstory on the episode before you little story on six months before for the characters are really into shit with the current storyline. Very satisfying and Markle's Zandi was right. That the third episode of the second season was a real tour to force really marquee things happen. I won't give anything away..

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