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Jeff Jensen next report to thirty one on ten ten wins the house approving a non binding war powers resolution limiting president trump's ability to take military action against Iran their task to twenty four to one ninety four three Republicans voting for eight Democrats voting against it Texas Republican Michael call decries the resolution saying president trump was right to order that US drone strike that killed Iran's top general they saw the storm coming and they stopped it Virginia Democrat Gerry Connolly says this is not about general because some some money it's about concerns that the current de escalation of tensions with Iran could be short lived so money wasn't align actor who masterminded the killings in many US soldiers but a fascinating him has unleashed the dogs of war the Senate plans to debate a similar resolution as soon as next week Linda Kenya on Capitol Hill the resolution passing with three Republicans voting for it including a staunch trump supporter Republican that gates speaking in favor of the resolution after attending the funeral of a military member from his Florida district if the members of our armed services have the courage to go and fight and die in these wars as Congress we ought to have the courage to vote for him or against them and I think it's ludicrous to suggest that we are impairing the troops from doing their job by not doing our job articulated in the constitution to speak to these matters of war and peace I support the president killing soul money was the right decision but engaging in another forever war in the Middle East would be the wrong decision at a campaign rally in Ohio president trump mocked members who supported the resolution how dare you take him out that way you should get permission from Congress you should come.

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