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Just couldn't get conviction around speaking about this after the trial big crowds baltimore boston san francisco and he was drawing massive crowds in the north so a whole northern audience was hearing him in the month after and he was pressing for reopening the investigation forgetting the fbi involved and so forth but it didn't do any good now i gather that baltimore speech was particularly notable why well it was the first one after the trial was just a couple of days after the trial and it was something like it was like ten thousand see some of these spanning massive audience but anyway a one of the things that happened there is he said we got the movie the fbi story i think it just come out of the poor and it started with the fbi you know finding no hijacker by by looking at the wreckage right tracking down clues you said we have fbi that can do all this but they can never seem to be able to convict a white man in a black man is killed they just can't seem to do that and this is at the height of j edgar hoover's career he is g man he is a national hero nobody challenges him and hoover is mad and our keeps doing this in speeches and finally who were says i gotta right you know i gotta put this guy down and cooperates with hoover thurgood marshall they're working together because marshall things howard is a bit of a loose cannon now that's worth repeating for those who weren't paying attention thurgood marshall the man who led the fight that ultimately led the brown versus board of education that desegregated american schools who became the first black supreme court justice thurgood marshall was working with j edgar hoover to put down trm howard now that i've gotten maybe people to understand that they really did hear what you just said please continue well there's an interesting well it's still a little bit of a mystery because they were on friendly terms marshall right before the brown decision it's spoken in mumbai with their annual rally was only days before i believe they had a panel of lawyers and they were you know they were looking forward to it so it was a friendly relationship it seemed but howard had a good relationship with the head of the n w c p roy welcome but for some reason marshall didn't trust him marshall had a very good relationship with hoover any maintain this and i think part of it why's he figured if he can go to if he can have a good relationship to who can get favors he can get good things happening for black people you can go to and so he he's sort of wrote to hoover and says i agree you know you got to do something about this howard he called him a rugged individualist and he was doing this and it's in the fbi files what ultimately happened is hoover decided he had to ride an open letter to howard you wrote it but howard is traveling around didn't get the letter the letter was mailed to them i guess it was supposed to be mailed to them then it would appear in the press the next day but he was blindsided but he didn't back down and and huber's basically saying you're being unfair the fbi's dude got this great record and howard went back to it you said well you know you know he gave specifics why can't you find this i i can't you find that person but it was really this is the four kings and all his troubles at the fbi and this is one who was really at the height of his power we'll come back and talk some more with our guest he is dr david beethoven co author of t r m howard did you know all this stuff folks i didn't back in a moment i'm a one trick pony literally a show for kids parties enact to.

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