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My favorite. So there's a lot to unpack with Rocky Mountain National Park. Yeah lots of options with this one big Park Hark experiences. What is your favorite thing about Rocky Mountain National Park? Well I would say I would say the trail Ridge road in general but more specifically I really loved that trail. We did kind of at the top of at the tender communities jail doing that's only a mile rate which really good time. I liked it because it was a completely new experience for both of us to hike in an environment like that Alpine Tundra and the the weather aside from the when the weather is perfect hiking weather. The views were just phenomenal. Like nothing else. I think either a survivor scene. And it truly felt like you're up. nope perched on like the ceiling of the continent which is hard to describe to feel that high up and overlooking so so much I remember when we got there. We actually made a little video and I screamed we made at the Rocky Mountain. Oh yes and you like. It was like Thou effect while I was screaming because the wind was so heavy it was yeah. It's really good. I remember I was like the background of that video. Like crawling on the rocks on all force myself together. Yeah and like lower my center of gravity it was intense but also clearly super memorable an amazing so I think bows probably my favorite part. What about you my favorite report? Gosh this one was really difficult because there's just so much history there So much culture and I mean I loved Estes Park Gordon. I love the Stanley Hotel. But I'd have to say was Going into the cabins and seeing the taxidermy cermony and like freshman biscuits and like the culture behind right before became a national. Pardon the the dude ranch the dude ranch the Colorado River. Yeah because it was just it was a really pureed walk and it was fine. It was cozy. Like I feel like I could like hang out there for a day and just to have a great time Because I really liked to relax and opposite of you where you like to like climb to the top is the highest mountains you can find and so I think just personality style. I would really love to just relax and stay there for a day but I don't think you really can. I mean you'd be you'd be like that's a waste of a whole day. It'd be nice to if they turned it. BNB option where they apply with biscuits in the morning. Just chill out and like the Rose Cabinet one of the cabins you can walk through and you see like just this preserves face of what it was like their originally and really Nice Jason Homey. I think it'd be a lovely place. Maybe with some more modern matinees like Wi fi or whatever that it would be nice. Because I don't just like sit in silence for twenty four hours or whatever I would love them but You know what's actually Really good like the trails that we did. We didn't need hiking equipment but there's a lot of trails that you do and like that one you. Did you needed those hiking stuff. So like a couple of things that you could bring are definitely like hiking liking sticks that would be very helpful here like The shoe yeah. How snow spikes shoes? Because I liked in those In New England and my dad has some so when I'm gone on hikes with him I warn them and they're amazing. They make a huge difference and I really could have used something like that here. When ended the Charleston Lake trail? There's some that you can even do like cost country skiing on In the winter now when we were there but so like the definitely a lot of hiking options. So when you're planning your trip make sure to think about when you're going what trails. They're going to be and what specific acidic equipment. You need for hiking. 'cause there's a lot of hiking that's available here and it's A. I'd say it's my whole thing when I most diverse hiking Marx that I've been to because of this ability of snow cross country skiing like kind of bouldering. There's actual like rock climbing Ming. I mean there's just about everything in Rocky Mountain National Park there. Yeah there really is. It sounds cliche but this is one of those places where there truly is something for everyone every age ability interest level. You know whatever you're looking for it's bound to have a whatever type of view on hiking trail all it's and incredible place and it's very very fun to to explore whether it's on your own or with a partner or a family or a large group. It's fantastic caustic. Men Got even-handedness as park after. And just have the best time getting ice cream and fudge thing. You could bring those when you're doing these hikes if you're going to be a little bit more hardcore to bring like there's cans of oxygen different things like that or camelback so we have a ton of water because if you're going on sixteen mile trail it's sound like one bottle of water is GonNa get you. You're going to need camelback you're getting these snacks and trail mix and things like that We have enough time to like Foley unpack and like repack and do something like that big but I think it would be fun to go back in the winter and do that absolutely because it's such that's a great time. Yeah and then another point is when we were there and throughout summer June July August and September two it can be amount house the parking lots fill up very early and some of them are rather small so it's advised that you get your day started early because you don't want to like like plan your day and have this trail in mind that you want to do and then drive all the way to find that there's no space whatsoever. Yeah I saw that happen to a lot of people. Unfortunately that was not the issue with us. We had a rental car that was compact and small enough that we could get into a lot more space than the RV but but in winner. You don't WanNa have a compact car. You're going to have something that's four wheel drive you're GonNa WanNa make sure you have like snow chains. There's definitely different things that you have to pap for when you're coming to Rocky Mountain National Park depending on the season yeah So far this summer compact car is perfect. Winter don't even dream about coming to drive. Dr Yeah No really what do you think is Something that we would bring layers. Of course right you'd have to bring layers and again even even in the summer we had layers. We had like a T. shirt Sweatshirt and a jacket that we could shred or go depending on our elevation Asian because at one thousand feet of elevation difference makes a difference. Yes it really does. And I'm when we traveled road. I was wearing shorts and then initially like a t shirt. When we're in the Estes Park area then again in Grand Lake but while we're up there doing communities trail I had to put a jacket on uh-huh jacket that is my winners? Don't quit themselves beyond sea truck and of course the Bruins Jack L.. No that's right. Not a bruins kidding but Yeah so it's good to have stuff like that and it's light enough where you could easily carry it along and then throw it on if if you need air tight around your waist if it's getting to arm mm-hmm whatever so that's advised so between layers in snow choose and snow chains and all different things so many things things that you need to bring when you decide how you want to visit how you WanNa find your park how you want to discover it what you need to do is you need to think about the research behind when how and why Yeah but really rocky mountain is right up there. As one of the most iconic connick national parks in the country and it's an absolute must see for anyone into hiking especially anyone hiking and also anyone into horror novels vols coors light and fudge apparently to. You've been listening to Parkland. Yeah a show about National Parks Park land as to production of iheartradio created by MAC. 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