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There are all these bones and kingery is in moniac hanging around here who like, if one of them could click, that would really help quite a lot. And I know people are maybe excited about Mickey moniak, spring. He has a 1285 OPS in spring training, which is fun, although I will note that he also had 1000 plus OPS in spring trading in each of the past two years in fewer at bats, but that's something that has happened. So rookies, I mean, we mentioned start rate and is not veering rookie eligible. I don't remember how Ricky eligibility works. But he's around as well. Hey Matt feeling is ruche eligible. You like either of them or anyone else? Yeah, I mean, I think it having just mentioned bomb like it was interesting that that was a bit of a positional battle, but I think as Meg said, I think it's pretty likely we see get some time at short and yeah, it's exciting that he will be on the roster for opening day and I think that one should be went to watch out for. All right, well that's the Phillies. There's definitely a lot of reasons to watch this team. It should be frustrating at times and fun at other times. So I'm definitely looking forward to this Philly season. It will be unlike any other season that we will see this year, I think. So that brings us to the Marlins. They were also active. There are a lot of active teams in this division this winter. Do you have a favorite or best Marlins move? So looking like big picture long-term, I think it's hard not to pick extending a sandy Alcantara because that's I think a really good step toward blocking down this young rotation core, which is very exciting and fun to watch. But I also really liked picking up Jacob stallings at catcher to talking about how good this rotation can be in, especially a young rotation, having him there to manage his staff, I think, is really exciting. And so that one, I think, might be my favorite. Yeah, that's a good pick. By the way, I should mention that the Phillies have kind of overhauled their player development department. So maybe things will get better there as Nebraska said, we need to be better at getting players over the hump and producing good players from within the system. I agree, Dave, the Philly's definitely need to be better at that. All right, back to the so the strength, I guess the strength is probably what we've always talked about with the steam right the young pitcher. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's hard not to, yeah. Yeah. There's a lot of it. It's fun. I mean, there are pictures on the staff who have already been great. Like, I'll counter and Rogers. I mean, people have projected our counter to make even greater strides I've seen according to stat cast. I noticed this because my colleague Zach kram pointed it out the other day. But Alcantara had the worst framing support of any pitcher. He had the most runs last two framing according to baseball savant last season. So with Stalin's hopefully that will not be the case, even though maybe stylings is a more elite blocker than a framer, hopefully that'll get a little bit better for him. But Trevor Rogers has already really good bubble Lopez. Eleazar Hernandez, they're so many guys here. Jesus, I guess the question. I don't know whether we're stepping on any breakout picks or anything here, but that's definitely one of the storylines of the season. How much will you get out of him? Yeah. And obviously 6 do Sanchez who does not seem to be close to returning from his shoulder surgery. So I just, I have no idea what to expect out of him if anything or when, but there are so many good pictures here that they've already traded a little bit from that depth, but they could continue to if they want to supplement the lineup still. Yeah. Yeah, I can't wait to see what this player does group can do with lizard, which isn't to say that like, you know, Oakland's not like bad at that, but I think that there's just the opportunity here for him to take a step forward with the combination of what they're up to and good health and yeah, and if 6 or 6 inches can ever figure out a better fastball shape like look at. Weakness? I appreciate that they try to fix the lineup some Jorge soler. They tried. You can't say they didn't do anything. They did that do enough for dirt cheaters taste seemingly. Yeah, weird. Because what we're saying, this rotation could be so, so, so good. And it's like if you could just do a little more here to give me confidence that you could at least consistently be a average ish offense. I would feel so excited to watch this you and instead you haven't quite done that. I think it admirable job of trying with what seemed like it was not very much to work with. Financially, but yeah. Yeah. Garcia, obviously Garcia is a good player in Jorge soler. I have no idea whether he's like the very not good player or the very good player who he was like within last season. I don't know exactly what to make of him and Stalin's obviously helps you a lot. Defensively at the very least. So it is an improvement, but yeah, they were linked to Castellanos and Marte, who, of course, was a Marlin in the not too distant past. And someone like that, I mean, yeah, it seems like they could use a real Big Bopper, but I believe in aspects of the lineup, I guess. Is there a breakout pick either on the offensive side or just yet another pitcher who could take a step forward for you? I think luzardo is such a good pick because I really do think that, you know, working with this staff, I would be really excited to see what we get from him if he can kind of fit in with the rest of this rotation. But other than that, you know, this steps on a rookie, but I'm talking about this lineup and what we might see. Can you curious to see what Jesus Sanchez does in the outfield? He does have some power that is other always missing from this lineup and I would like to see maybe we can get something from him there. But yeah, breakout wise, you know, I feel like it's hard because pitching staff is already so good other than luzardo that you can't really point to much there. And then the lineup is what we've discussed it is. So is it too late to predict well, I don't know if I'm predicting, but to hope for a jazz Chisholm break out sort of for him to elevate past what he did last year, which wasn't bad, but was not like, you know, he was a below league average header and the defense was only so, so. So maybe we could give some hope to just hold my suppose? Yeah, I think so. He's one of those players who in my head because he is so much fun to watch even if he hasn't like fully put it together that he has already transcended it in my head. Even though you're right, he was not a leak average hitter, even though he felt like one to me. Right. But very much felt like one. And so that's a great point. This close. Yeah, it was close. But not quite there. Yeah, no. His highlights are as exciting as anyone. And I guess it sounds like a cliche, but consistency that's kind of important for him, but also plate discipline and strikeout to walk ratio. He struck out close to 30% of the time last year and walked less than 7% of the time. So that's an issue, but he does have speed and power and it definitely wouldn't surprise me to see him make a step forward. He's only 24, so yeah, I could see it. And I'm with you on Sanchez as well. I could see him having a 30 Homer season. He hit 14 and 251 plate appearances last year. So clearly has a lot of power. So yeah, there's that..

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