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Is wbz newsradio let's go back to beacon hill the state senate is back in session and it appears now that censoring stan rosenberg is still an option former senate president is resigning tomorrow at five pm in the wake of that scathing ethics committee report saying he failed to protect the senate from his husband governor charlie baker was one of the first to call for the emmers lawmaker to leave report made pretty clear that there is damaged under the institution to the senate and i think it was appropriate for him to step down and i'm glad he did in a statement last hour the senate apologizes to the victims of rosenberg's now estranged husband brian hefner he's facing sexual assault charges and wbz's kim tunnicliffe says this may have been the best move for rosenberg democratic strategists marianne marsh says stan rosenberg really had no other choice but to voluntarily stepped down if he did not they could have voted to expel him and that was where the going it's dan rosenberg were expelled from the senate he would have been his pension so you started to see fairly quickly not only public opinion but more importantly the opinion of his colleagues hearn and insists he stepped down and that was the right decision to make marsh says what really did rosenberg in was the fact that he promised there would be a firewall between his private life with husband brian hefner and the business of the senate but an ethics investigation found that firewall was non kim tunnicliffe wbz newsradio to thirty from the state house to the white house now the white house deflecting a withering storm of questions today about the big announcement by rudy giuliani on fox news.

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