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I just can't see it. It's not an airtight case. No, but it's okay for me to stick up for my teammate but not him to stick up for his teammates. So again, I don't know it was said early I don't know what wait, Ellington said to the piston bench or said to McGruder. Maybe they sit next to each other on the bench, and he said something to him and McGruder was hacked off because they're getting their ass is handed to him. And he only had to come in for the last two minutes. That could be a part of it. I don't know There's a lot of factors. Ah, lot of factors here. Uh, I don't know that you need to say someone's gonna be out of lead in two weeks. But hey, that that I don't know that doesn't seem warranted. But I don't know what he said. So maybe I would have said, Hey, you go ahead, fire some shots If he said that I said that to you, it just we happen to catch clay on the microphone the time this whole thing This whole thing happened and then is far is dreamin again. Here's the look, you would do the same thing that dream. I'm going to stick up for anybody that wears a warrior uniforms, the that that you can bet and I don't know why it's OK for him to stick up for somebody. But not one of the Pistons and stick up for one of their guys that made no sense to me whatsoever. But as usual in these MBA verbal confrontations, because most of time, even if they did want to fight, they hold their fists up like the Jack dad. Nobody's gonna fight until someone comes Good prism everyone to come together and they wanted to look like they're going toe. It's like one of those fights where they like, kind of, like, hold their fists up there getting ready to fight, and they're like Somebody grab me. Somebody grabbed me and they want to get that kind of want to get grab. So looks like they're not backing down, but they kind of are back and they were not really backing down, but they don't really want to go through it. You might have the occasional dude square up. No one's going to hook off. No one. No one is going to throw a punch. You have far too much to lose money in particular. No one is gonna throw a punch and dead and dream on were in that situation. He'd be the loudest voice he'd be barking allowed us and you know what? He's not touching anyone, either. That doesn't make him weak doesn't make him a chump, but it makes him a smart None of these guys are throwing punches. It's always going to be a testosterone presentation. Always. It's always gonna be dudes. Chow jacket. That's it across the league, Okay? Maybe PJ maybe p. J. Tucker would choke a guy out. That's the only guy think of Tom. Maybe you could think of somebody else. How many Only know mantra is Harold Temp? Just P. J. Tucker Just got that. Look, He got a little burning. Maxwell, look at his face, Tom. How many players and leak 400? What 80 years. I'm like that 500 rounded up. Out of those type ordered. How many guys you think really, really, really bad about it. You have to think about it. I have to think about that in the steam not alive. Tiny parent, I guarantee you this If you want to have a 20 man Royal rumble. Yeah, I'll take my here in the league in this area without a doubt. This is different. Oh, yeah. Do you call it I need it is Oakland. Mason. I'm good. Yeah. Buck Williams Way. Throw him in any ruling there one of them probably right, Terry Cummings in there Without a doubt get after James Edwards would come in. They're very stoically moving people out of the way. Yeah, we could take a 50 dudes. From your We could think of 50 dudes from from, you know the mid two thousands right now. Right now. No, not not not not not. It's all it's all about talking. It's all about popping your you know, just popular. Anybody fighting anybody, including Trey, Mama, Stop it! Stop it! Stop it. It's a great sound bite and it gives us nice. Nice stuff to chew on. But I mean, come on, guys. Take the high road. Take the high road. It's Rodney McKay. Well, now you know what guys talk about on the bench. Yeah, it does. That is close to you'll see it is you were you're going to get you know it was it was probably person like said it's probably Mama. Baby mama, something son thing again just flipped a switch. I need to know context toe again, I whether whether would dream on set or place it was warranted. I don't really know until I know exactly what McGruder Said the only two points I will stand by is one. I don't care how good you are. You can't talk doesn't matter. You don't have to be good to talk. And then too. You can't get mad at somebody for sticking up for his teammate. When you just you just stuck up for your teammate, the same sound like you could matter to do for not sticking up for his teammate. That's what you get mad at him for the opposite now, So I mean, really, Here's the key to the story is want is kind of Anderson. Yo, man, What did you say? What happened there? We didn't know what kind of rap you got. What did you do? Uh, smelling joining us next year on the sports leader Rodney McGruder, She KB, KB, knbr, 1045.

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