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With dean Richards on the entertainment beat from channel nine did a couple for a tax one from let's see seven seven three and one from six L. A. about the Buck Henry cutting is four had a during that sketch of John Belushi and he did have a bandaid on and then every cast member put a bandage on that phone number I have to remember that yeah let's talk about what happened in in Memphis why were Elvis is grand children barred from Graceland during the birthday celebration only one day they were barred from Graceland by the Graceland people they were barred rough fork from going to Graceland because of a legal dispute between Lisa Marie the mom and her now estranged husband Michael Lockwood Ave of eleven years most of the children are adults and can do as they please but they have eleven year old twins who are not allowed to travel outside of California without both parents consent and the father Lockwood would not agree Lisa Marie went to court to try to get a court order to allow would take her children to her father's birthday and will birthday celebration in Graceland and the court denied the request saying a birthday observance does not qualify as an emergency that's that's a huge thing every January well the the weekend of January eighth every year you know huge celebrations Priscilla Presley as they are in of all the bands in the you know all kinds of other things to celebrate All Things Elvis that's going on through Saturday in Memphis have you ever gone to Graceland I have and I thought it would be interesting and and number of people say this and then if you go through that you know the sort of kids she is sort of funny aspects of it can I go away and you really sort of impressed in awed by the whole thing same I I went there it you know it just expecting it to be kind of a circus with kitschy yet and there were plenty of kitschy things right but as I spent time there and then you take the tour of the mansion then you go into the backyard where all this is a late perhaps I'm but I I go through this thing and I and I'm really getting moved by the whole thing I'm standing at all this is great I started tearing up at the grave and my friend who was with me it is like are you cry like if you're crying I'm not cross no I was crying it was very moving yeah I know it is they they really did a great job with it and it's it's a fascinating part of our culture and musical history is it really is and it does as you go through it it does get to you and you leave there with different different feelings then went when you arrived I know it's why I put a safari room in my own house the jungle room there you go everybody at a house like that in the seventies a room like that fact that it that Justin Bieber has come out with the interesting health announcement has got Lyme disease he's says that explains a lot of how he's been feeling and you know people thought that it was much worse but you said he was recently diagnosed he's getting treatment expect them to be back is good as ever according to him in the Instagram post he also says that he's got a serious case of chronic mono which you know also will affect your overall health and we keep hearing about these live the musical presentations on the networks right everybody's doing those what's what's next the the next when they announced the date yet it'll be sometime in twenty twenty probably toward the end of the year that's tent they tend to do them around holiday time the past couple have been huge bombs for a variety of reasons but I'm hoping for the best for this one the next one will be young Frankenstein awful man which is one of my favorite movies of all time most people consider to be one of the funniest movies ever made they turned it into a Broadway musical which was pretty successful and of that stage version is the one that they're going to adapt for television Mel Brooks is a hundred percent behind all this he's producing the special they haven't announced the cast yet under Martin of SCTV frame it was part of that original Broadway cast I hope she'll be coming back to it but people have been you know saying in a gene Wilder and Peter Boyle from the movie or both passed away now that Nick Offerman would be great Brad Garrett would be great as the Frankenstein monster people been texting me all morning telling me who would be great in those roles Frankenstein unit reckons it right now and please bring Cloris Leachman back Hey let's let's let's talk a little bit about Harry Belafonte a and listen to something interesting that you have this this is so interesting you know one of the one of the biggest A. listers in the world right now is Tiffany hash really is in the movies and doing stand up on television she recently you have an opportunity to meet Harry Belafonte in a truly one of the most legendary figures in entertainment and in civil rights he marched with Martin Luther king a she was able to meet him a because of Chicago's very own common who it is he a common you know just does nothing but charitable work all the time and it I've met some of these legendary people because of common for in interviewing them as well so she had an opportunity to meet him couple weeks ago I sat down with the Tiffany had a sh and rose Byrne who have a new movie opening tomorrow called like a boss and I asked her about meeting one of the most legendary people on the planet so are Chicago friend common I I see in the picture with you which Harry Belafonte what was that day like well that was pretty awesome I was I was totally dominant and would come with talking about like you know agency now and I was like man if I could get a get just thirty minutes where Bill finds a I know he will be my last day in yeah he he's ninety four ninety three ninety four a guy like all these recon was is the best story you know who I was asking when I have any shows coming up I was like you better stop I'm not your wife is in my here but it was in I was showing him pictures of my grandfather my grandfather used to be missing a group called the Titans I just found out like all this information because we would want to my my my stuff not ex boxes and a thousand videos on YouTube someplace different missed abilify thing and he was like I know this song but I'm not he was like these guys look familiar but I'm not sure and Gisele now do a movie about my grandpa on and you.

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