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Think that's the first shift of the game were dry, sidled economist David intentionally out there together. That would find Dave Tippett. I'd be inclined to do that. Oh, yeah. I mean, you're getting down to the last seven minutes of this game. Her motto behind the Hawk yet to lose Park, we'll sweep it around on the near side nursing The left wing corner takes a hit trying to send the Bucks later Kuku took it back for the Hawks. He'll chip it off the right wing boards and down into the Oilers own hawks. Going with Put quick line changes here. You want to make sure we keep it fresh here, get pucks in deep, make sure everything stays on the Defensive side of things. James Neil, with the puck behind the Net, announces it to the right point in a drive from there reflects off of Archibald on the way to the far corner. Strong put the puck up the boards kept in by cleft bomb. Drones took it back behind the net. Sweeps it around in this soul flied over the blue line to centre ice. Where Andreas Afghanis see you in the Hawks. Alex Knee lander became entangled Pope went down. Right at the Oiler line. Meanwhile, Patrick Kane breaking into the Oilers own down the left wing was check behind the net by Larson lost the puck. The Oilers are back the other way. Kneeling over the hot line down the left wing. Don lost his balance, Neil with a shot from the left circle. Crawford turned it. Why'd Neal got it back and try to wrap around from the far side? And and you lost possession of the puck side the other way down the left wing into the oil herself. Ends up in behind the net hit by bending moves the puck left wing corner tapes tried to snap it Coop a leak in the slot. The puck bounced off his stick tumbles to center ice. Murphy got it back for the Hawks. Scuba league racing down the left wing Oilers own shot it across, right circled Assad. Little jockey with the puck lost it to the corner tapes got attacked fed Kubelik in front. He's being held up. Now. He and Chris Russell battled far boards, Russell's able to take the puck away. Just over five minutes left in period number three, the Hawks enjoying a 6 to 2 lead here in Game one. Center ice in front of the bench is Excuse me for the penalty box is Carpenter took the puck away. Back in the Hawk's own cuckoo. The Monets Center ice the carpenter over the Oiler line. He'll fire from the right wing side and down his costume and with the chest say About 4 50 left in period Number three. The Hawks lead the Oiler.

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