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Till midnight tonight we're celebrating the musketeers sixty four to fifty eight victory over the Providence friars and I'm taking a look at the at a look at the box score here and once again tie read Jones his third straight eighteen rebound game to go with fourteen points for us this incredible what Jason Carter with four points not she Marshall was just one for six from the floor of five points he did have three assists into three rebounds Zack Fremantle a Levin points if you don't have the more I look exactly I don't know we've I've never met him freshman he's he's got the makings of a store I wonder if you could be calm get a little bit of an attitude it become that G. P. met cura data that Xavier so desperately needs about that in a poll Scruggs with thirty points that I a key key Tandy with ten points so then spread nat scorning around and more had five and don't quite good here too so ended up sixty four points twenty four fifty five from the field forty three point six percent in in five of nineteen from three twenty six percent from three point range Mandel free throws a struggle and me anti re could have added to his total he was just a two of six from the foul line of missing a couple of up front ends of one in one but eleven of seventeen is eighteen from from the free throw line for seder tonight but just eight turnovers against that physical with team man that is a feather in Xavier's cap tonight once again the beach Seton hall seventy four to sixty two the Peter Paul sixty seven the fifty nine the P. Providence tonight sixty four to fifty eight wearing their running man throwback Yunis a thing of beauty and the tough this the defense in the rebounding like trade a steel said it has to travel and he calls it another chance another opportunity for a road kill Wednesday night at that place is going to be packed and stacked at when a college basketball's cathedrals think of your house there have been there a few years but it really is my favorites Bussmann holiday you're the boss miss holiday is don't you I got to drive the bus gets a day off so what does he do he rides the bus so being a sportswriter being a sports fan how you get a day off you continue to be that sports fan and you go to I would go to Butler university for an afternoon game on a Saturday in that I would hit bankers life fieldhouse for little Indiana Pacers at night get your park on top of the parking garage for a few extra blocks and take the elevator down due to the main concourse bankers life fieldhouse is like a museum if you're a hoops junkie you've got to get over to Indianapolis and see both venues Henkel and bankers life awesome used to be called can see go field house but its bankers life now awesome the Reds released a statement that they mourn the death of Leri Barton junior long time scale died Thursday at the age of eighty and rich chief executive officer Bob Castellini said the Barton family was a scouting family they love this franchise and made countless contributions to our success on the field Larry will be missed not only by the Reds but by the entire baseball scouting for eternity Mister Barton once again was eighty years old Martin's father Larry Barton senior and his son Jeff Barton also work for the Reds the Barton scout of the year award is given annually to a Reds ammeter scalp who exemplifies the spirit of three generations of scouting excellence in the Barton family in Leri Barton chew your work for the Reds is an area scalp national cross checker major league advance scalp professional scout in special assistant to the general manager and he is featured in the scouts alley seating section behind home plate at great American ball park.

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