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The oregon thus i mean honestly false always series there was in a chance in hell sean miller what is going to be patrolling the satellites doing is staying on the court the ija then on the other hand was out there and i don't want to make a joke at the situation i probably show mba i'm gonna do it anyway as unaccountable tajik head look i who is always one hundred thousand dollars the a deadly disease that asked votes that there's a reason why he's going to be the number one in ann arbor super league initiators jazz so at least them sean miller if you own a land fear honors early sunday and i'm sure there's not much to laugh about although if i had his aged i might be left until because no matter what happens no matter what the caused may be shown miller will have a job at arizona or we'll have his monte come until my ships at nice job is not going to have that much macho ohga but as far as the money he's gonna have the molly come it to him over the next couple of years so god blesses asian for negotiating najat's book the arizona situation takes you in today's pandora's box days elephant in the room this situation in college basketball in college athletics for that matter that we all know has been bruin has been going on for all long period of soda the idea of agents talk in a players evil in their quote unquote not supposed to be talking to players the idea of the hushhush wink wink waving going take area way going to pay you guys coming out guy's going alter merely city nfl in the nba draft but in the meantime getting something out of it aside from a fouryear college education it's complicated matter folks what exactly should dnc aa do moving forward we did this and then if the sean miller story broke last night was probably around ten fifteen and you guys brought up some good ideas some of you discussed semi dea that sean what makes sense but no that in general the idea of gis fairly compensating each and every college athlete across america caused to impossible think about the situation think about title nine you're paying their football player your paying a basketball player you gotta pay.

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