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On Thursday, November fifteenth and you're hearing on Friday will start off with the biggest news of the week. And that's Jimmy Butler, who is of course, trades Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers Danny you wrote an article on the ringer breaking down Butler's debut, a loss to the Orlando. Magic game our own Kevin Clarke, actually attended. Oh, yeah. What was your big takeaway from that game? And what do you want to see moving forward? This is something that we've kind of touched on even before the first game. It was mainly what is Jimmy Butler going to look like alongside Ben Simmons to guys who are very much of the same vein power guard who love to have the ball in their hands and are probably most effective with the ball in their hands. And what we saw in the process. Definitely. Yeah. Well, we saw the game was. Bit of a mixed bag there. It was certainly clunky. With those guys. I it looked at the NBA dot com slash stats a data with touches time of possession and dribbles per touch all of that was close to identical for Ben Simmons. Joel Embiid foot. But as drastically different for Jimmy Butler, his front court touches were similar, but as time of possession was drastically different in Minnesota Butler possessed the ball for four point three minutes per game in his debut at the Sixers. It was only one point seven minutes. And that number's obviously you're going to rise for him as he gets integrated the offense and runs all the play. The only ran really one type of set for him the entire game. Would that said those touches and those minutes possess the ball are gonna have to come from somewhere? Jonathan how does their offense need to evolve. As those touches are given to Jimmy Butler, and they're probably gonna be milked from someone like, Ben Simmons. You know? It was weird to me was that it seemed like Simmons and Butler always played together. And it's Manson their debut together. And Embiid was always the one playing by himself. And I think. That's like the first big question that breadbasket figure out like how do I split up these three guys? Do you always have two of three in who gets that? And who gets that time by himself dominate the ball. I think that's the first question. Can you look at it in Minnesota Tibbs? There's been up his guys at all. Just crazy. I think Browns can lead to put up somewhat, but and these plans so I can smell Bob himself. So in other words, you're you don't agree with what he did on on in their debut with Embiid playing alone and with Butler and Simmons playing thirty one minutes. It's weird. Because like I get it because I'm beat been so good. But I missed I just wonder for Simmons. Especially felt he could be the man out if you're gonna play him with baller the whole time. Yeah. But what is similar do off the ball? Really? When I was watching the game. I was just like man the spacing is so cramped when you have basically Brett Brown running these really weird jumbo lineups where he had like that's kind of stopped for sure Simmons Butler on the court who could honestly play four or five if they wanted to and they did that a little bit. But there were also on the court with Mike Scala with Amir Johnson. There are a lot of guys who can't shoot in these lineups. And suddenly, you're looking at like negative space on the steam there are times where somebody would drive to the basket, and you left Simmons or Markelle full sitting in the dunker spot, not moving the entire possession in the lanes clogs. Right. I think that's something where it's just going to be a problem that they have to deal with with with both those guys..

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