Stephen Paddock, Bryce Dallas Howard, FBI discussed on AP 24 Hour News


Been concluded AP. Correspondent Jennifer king says no motives been determined by the FBI it was October. First two thousand seventeen sixty four year old. Stephen paddock rain down a hail of bullets from a high rise casino sweet in Las Vegas, killing fifty eight people and injuring many others after months of investigation. The FBI tells the Associated Press that paddock wanted infamy and mass destruction. But whatever motive he might have had beyond that he took to his grave. The reason for paddock's rampage remains a mystery, he left no note, providing an explanation, but the FBI's behavioral analysis unit did highlights and potential factors. Investigators believe he became intolerant of stimuli as he aged and his physical and mental health were declining and specialists believe he was influenced by. The memory of father a Bank robber and fugitive. He might have wanted to die in infancy inspired by his father's reputation. I'm Jennifer king. Harvard University's hasty pudding. Will honor actor and director Bryce, Dallas Howard is its woman of the year, AP entertainment. Correspondent Margie's are letter reports the oldest collegiate theatrical organization in the country says it will honor Bryce Dallas Howard for being an accomplished actress who has given such a wide range of critically acclaimed performances and is committed to expanding the role of women in every aspect of storytelling. Howard will lead a parade through Cambridge Massachusetts on Thursday. Then she will be the subject of a roast, and she will receive a pudding pot Howard is known for appearing in the Jurassic world films as well as the twilight saga eclipse, I'm Archie zaraleta rapper. Jay, call will headline the halftime show at the NBA all star game the.

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