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Drone master in San Rafael Jeffrey, Schaub case CBS Stargate August first Matthew Vassar we're setting up a new women's college at the end of. The civil war the first professor he wanted to hire was a strong. Swimmer Maria Mitchell she discovered a comet in, eighteen forty seven bringing, her international fame but Mitchell. Has them conditions she wanted an observatory complete with a good telescope and departments for herself. And her father. She got them so Mitchell became the. Country's first female astronomy professor Mitchell was born two hundred years ago today, in Antioch it her father was. An amateur astronomer and he taught Mariah how to. Use the telescope her comment discovery led to membership in, several science organizations the first woman to belong to any of, them at Vassar Mitchell established a busy astronomy program beginning in. Eighteen seventy three she and her students took daily photographs. Of the sun one of the earliest photographic records of sunspots They also journeyed to, solar eclipses yet Mitchell's most. Important contributions were social she advocated women's rights and was a founder of the American Association. For the advancement. Of women she fought for equal pay. Which, she got and encouraged her students to work part time to help, them be independent Mitchell died in, eighteen eighty nine but several of her students and. Their students made important contributions to astronomy and although it, no longer watches the stars the observatory building she wanted still, stands the Maria Mitchell observatory we have sky watching tips and. Much more about the universe in Stargate magazine subscription information. At start eight dot org I'm sandy wood This is. A Bloomberg market minute apple shares are higher in pre-market trading the. Company is on pace to become the first US base company with a market, value of one trillion dollars apple projected sales that suggest consumers are continuing to. Snap, up. The company's high end iphones the latest quarterly results also beat Wall Street. Expectations China's way technologies has pulled ahead of apple though to claim the number two position in. Global smartphone shipments in the, second quarter just behind Samsung according to researcher IDC while way accounted for sixteen percent of. The market compared with twenty one, percent for Samsung and twelve percent for apple stock futures are mixed this. Morning the NASDAQ is poised for a jump, higher following Apple's, strong results NASDAQ futures up twelve.

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