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Brunches at the Langham Boston. Enjoy interactive culinary stations. Rob bar and live jazz. It's wonderful for any occasion. Visit Langham hotels dot com slash Boston. Attention Subaru buyers. Did you know you now have a new choice for all things Subaru right here in southern New Hampshire. The all new granite Subaru located on low road in Hudson. New Hampshire is now opened the all new granite Subaru will pleasantly surprise you with its relaxed low pressure atmosphere and a staff eager to exceed your expectations and granted Subaru is locally owned and operated by longtime. Hudson resident Jim Gotti. Best of all, granite, Subaru has a lot full of facts. Refresh all wheel drive Subaru's with truckloads more on their way. And right now, you'll save big at granite Subaru. During the Subaru final chance clearance event, Subaru the best-selling all wheel drive cars in America. Visit the all new family owned and operated granite Subaru at one Ninety-three Lowell road in Hudson. New Hampshire just minutes for the Massachusetts border. Always online at Cranach. Subaru dot com. That's granted Subaru dot com. It's. Hi, folks, it's Brian d'amico owner of new fed mortgage. People always ask me what's the difference between pre approved impre- qualified. Well, pre approval is a more rigorous process than a pre-qualification. It's a written commitment from lender to extend a mortgage to you. I Pacific amount in time periods with a pre approval you'll be able to set your budget, negotiate confidently enclosed faster, typically sellers will only accept office from those who are preapproved. That's why you need to call new fed and ask about our free approval purchase program. So that you get a real pre approval and get on the fast track. Purchasing the home of your dreams. Don't waste time dealing with big banks get pre-approved at new fed today. We're local and we're here to help. Subject to credit approval, equal housing lender. NMLS number one policy..

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