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To be asked save. You got a nerve to be called. Test. I'm drew that's raw say I robbed. Hi, what's up? Oh, just just the explosive through Seattle. That's gonna make everyone shit there. You're you're singing throat song. I'm pretty I'm ready to run through fuck and wall, man, that's the walkman you piece along rights. That's embarrassing. Anyway. Hey, we have a very special day cast this week because we have a special guest all the way from San Francisco is too. Great Ray Ratto say hi Ray. I I ray. ray. If I bet a dollar on him responding to that prop that way, I would have done it. I'm dying here. Let's get to it. Donate a kidney later this afternoon. All right. So radical comes to us from the bay area, which is great because we wanted to talk about the NBA playoffs in radolph Radom person who we know on staff whose actually awake when these things ended fucking three AM in the morning, east coast time, so. I want to ask you specifically about the warriors who are now tied up to two in a fierce battle of isolated possession with the Houston Rockets are the Golden State Warriors actually in trouble of losing this series. Ray? Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, Houston has been the the bone spur and their he'll for a while. Now, and though they eventually capitulate they make it really hard for the warriors to do the stuff. They wanna do. And even though the warriors won the first two games. It was still hard for them to do what they wanna do. And what they want to do is have three hundred passes in a game. They wanna throw the ball. Basically keep it in motion all the time. So that Houston can't just sit static and make the warriors come to them. And it hasn't worked for him yet in large part because Steph curry and Klay Thompson haven't been able to space the floor. So despite Kevin Durant being the all the Kevin Durant can be the warriors are functioning at about seventy percent officiency. And they're finding out that seventy percent officiency isn't good enough anymore. When you're playing the same team. Over and over again. And it happens to be a good team rather than say, the Phoenix Suns all want to ask you about that. Because I feel like the general take is that the warriors are are sort of struggling in this because they feel like they can turn it on anytime they want and that's not happening at the moment. But is it is it just that is I is it more than just complacency. Why are curry and Thomson not playing as well as they usually are. Because Houston's hard for the warriors to play. You know, they they have harden that they, you know, basically three migraines with two feet. Chris Paul can always agitate anything they they don't have any center at all. So so Clint Capella can do pretty much what he wants. So the wildcards are wide open, Eric, Gordon or PJ Tucker, who's probably the closest thing that David west that the NBA has now, and it's not this is not complacency. That's beating them this is this is the rockets basically saying we're gonna make you uncomfortable every time down the floor. And when you're uncomfortable every time down the floor. You're going to do things you don't want to do. So they're they're holding the ball more their offense doesn't move as well. And even though their defense is fine. And typically when they're not fully engaged their defense stinks. They're finding out that they can't run the offense that they like to run the way they like to run it. It against the team that frankly just screws with them from the time they hit midcourt and then stay screwing them till the end of the possession. It's really basketball more than it is anything else. I'm interested in that. Because this rockets team at least record records wise was worse than last year's rockets team, which took Golden State to seven games. And then Chris Paul was injured the end this eighty three pointers at the same time or in a row. So my question, you, then is if the rockets are are sort of, you know, I don't wanna say have solved them, but have found a way to make them miserable..

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