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He's still busy about to release an updated version of his classic album alone together and he is a killer virtual video of his classic tune feeling. All right, which you can find on his website as well as YouTube. We talk about that first. I really enjoy your video your new version of feeling. All right with the quarantines. Yes, that's pretty amazing. And you guys get an All-Star cast going there. We do Michael McDonald and Sammy Hagar and Mick Fleetwood and oh my gosh, no brothers. How do you do it? How do you how do you put off? It together. I mean you're not all in the same place. It's gotta be kind of tough. Yeah, the weird thing is if it hadn't really been for covered or whether all this, you know this sequestering away. That would have never gotten done. And in the meantime, everybody was kind of going, you know, I mean you really should do something online and shows and stuff. And so I just said, well, you know, I wonder if we couldn't do a version of feeling all right with some friends and hard to screw that song Up With You Chords everybody knows it for God's sake and it's a well let me call everybody can see if they'd be up for doing it. And yeah, they were like Sherman we're great. So I put a basic little guide track down and then that track got sent to John McPhee who put his parts and Michael McDonald put his piano and vocals down and make sure he would put his drums on it..

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